Weekend With My Mom

My mom came to Nashville this past weekend to see me and we had a lot of fun! She got here around lunchtime on Friday.  I had to work until around 6pm and then we went to Cheesecake Factory for National Cheesecake Day.  They were offering all their cheesecake at half price!

I got the Reese Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake.  It was soooo good!!

We had heard a rumor floating around on all the coupon blogs that Target was having some major clearance going on in their toy department.  So after supper we went to check it out.  We were so glad we did!

They had so much stuff marked up to 75% off! I bought all of this here (worth $224.34) for only $61.04! Some of it I’m saving for Christmas (I have 7 nieces and nephews!) and some I’m keeping for my childcare business.  It’s great to just pull out a new toy every once in a while. It makes the girls’ day less mundane, I think.

After Target it was getting late, so we decided to go home.  On our way we stopped at McDonalds for a $1 large drink.  We were pleasantly surprised that there was a coupon on our cups for a free smoothie!

We made plans the next morning to go to the other Target (I have two that are close to me!) to see if we could score any more toy deals.  They opened at 8 am and we were there shortly after.  They had a few things that the other Target didn’t have.

Retail cost for these toys would’ve been $47.36; I spent $14.16!

After that we went back to the other Target (haha!) for our regular coupon deals, Old Navy for their “secret” $2 cami sale, and to Ross and Marshalls where we didn’t find a thing!

We stopped back by my apartment to pick up Lance and go to lunch.  I had 3 coupons for free sandwiches at Jersey Mikes, so all we had to pay for was our chips and drinks!

That afternoon we went to Sweet CeCe’s for dessert.  It’s this awesome place where you get an empty cup, fill it with whatever frozen yogurt flavor you want, and then put the toppings of your choice on top.  They have the best frozen yogurt and every topping you could think of! Sooooo yummy!

After that we were wore out from all the heat and errand running, so we went back to my place for a nap.  It was Saturday, after all! We woke up in time for supper.  I had a $25 Restaurant.com to Tee’s Fireside Cafe, so our supper was a great deal too!

After supper we went to Toys R Us and Michaels and then came home.

Sunday was church and then Cracker Barrel for lunch! Then we went to McKays to exchange some books. By that time it was around 3p and my mom had a 4 hour drive ahead of her so she had to leave.

It was a great weekend, though! I loved that we got to go out to eat and do so much shopping at a fraction of the cost!


UP! and Monsters Inc. $6.98 for Both at Target!!

Wow! I just found a great deal at Target! Target has been the store for great deals lately!

I’m going to show you how to get UP! Blu Ray/DVD/Digital Copy (digital copy as in you can transfer it to your computer or portable movie player) and the Monsters Inc. Blue Ray/DVD/Digital Copy for very cheap at Target!!

UP!          –        $19.99 (the shelf will probably say $26.99, so get a price check)

Monsters Inc  –   $18.99

Subtotal  –              $38.98

Use $10 UP! coupon here.

Use $8 Monsters Inc. coupon here.

Use $10/2 Target coupon here.

Total     – $10.98

Send in for a Pasta and a Movie $4 Rebate found here.

Grand Total    – $6.98 + tax and cost of pasta

To help with the cost of the pasta, use this coupon.  This should make the pasta only $0.50 or so.

Great Christmas gifts!!!

Update: Target in Nashville West and Target on White Bridge are out of Monsters Inc. 4-disk Combo.  They may be getting more in a few days.  It’s still a good deal for UP! though if you use the $10 coupon and send in for the $4 rebate.  It comes to around $6.  And it comes with a cute little journal with stickers and postcards in it!

Good Deals at Target!

I don’t post many coupon deals anymore, but I still love coupons, and this deal is too good not to share!!

I keep 3 little girls everyday, and I go through a lot of wipes changing their diapers! I usually buy them in bulk at Walmart and it’s about $14 for 8 refill packs (Huggies brand, I don’t like Walmart’s brand.  They are too thin).  That makes them $1.75 each.

At Target right now they have the tubs of wipes for $1.55 and you can print a $1/1 coupon here, making them only $0.55! I have tried these wipes before and they are suprisingly thick for a store brand! I bought 16 tubs today! Such a great deal!!  If you don’t have kids, these would be a great addition to a baby shower gift basket, or a great donation to a women’s shelter!

Also, in the holiday section they have Santa Mr. Potato Heads for $5.99.  Print this $5/1 coupon and get it for $0.99! Remember, you can print two of these.  These would make great stocking stuffers!


Happy shopping!

Clearance Sales=My Favorite!!

With six neices and nephews (and another on the way!), I can’t afford to buy all my Christmas gifts in November and December!  I prefer to start Christmas shopping in January! This January I found matching pajamas for all the kids at Children’s Place for like $4 each.  I just bought them a size up and put them in my tote labeled “Gifts”.  As I’ve found good deals, I’ve just added a toy and a book for each one!

I’ve also bought most of our gifts for Lance’s family throughout the year.  Clearance shopping is a great way to save money! Why buy something at full price in December, that you can get in January for 75% off? I just have to buy one more thing and then all of my Christmas shopping is done for this year!

I also buy all of our clothes this way.  All the fall stuff is starting to go on clearance right now and soon the winter stuff will follow.  I buy things for next year that need replacing in our wardrobe, so that the next time that season rolls around, we’ll be all set!

Here are some great clearance deals right now:

Satin Zebra Print Sheet Set – $14.98 – $19.98 at Target.com


I want these so bad! They would match the quilt I’m making perfectly! Merry Christmas to me, anyone??

Toddler Vest Candy Corn Costume – $3.24 at Target.com


Women’s Cowl-Neck Top – $4.99 at Oldnavy.com


Men’s Sueded Crew Neck Tee – $8.00 at Oldnavy.com


Cabbage Patch Kids Sleepover Party Playset – $5.98 at Toyrus.com


LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table – $19.00 at Walmart.com


Pumpkin Bath Sponge – $3.50 at Bathandbodyworks.com


With clearance deals and planning, you can make a little money go a long way!

Its finally happened!

I have internet! One night this week, I had all my laundry done, house cleaned, books read, and absolutely nothing to do.  Even more frustrating, was that my phone was malfunctioning so it wasn’t easy to talk to anyone.  I was soooo bored.  Now, I know that I could’ve found productive things to do, but when I’m stuck at home (car malfunctioning too), my options don’t seem like options anymore; they see like the only alternative.  So, I called Lance (it took me 17 phone attempts to do so) and got the number for Comcast.  It’s 1-800-COMCAST; go figure!  I asked the nice lady on the phone how much it would be to get internet in my home.  She said it was $59.99/mo.  Wow, that’s a little steep.  But then she told me that they are running a promotion for basic cable and (wireless!!!) internet for $47.95/mo.  We’ve never bought cable, it’s just not somthing we need! But if it’s cheaper than internet by itself, I’ll take it!  This nice man came two days later and hooked it up for us.  He even gave us his number if we had any questions about it.  It’s been fast, reliable, and oh so entertaining!!  The cable’s another story.  The sound quality is terrible.  It swells and falls constantly, so we’re always adjusting the volume.  It may just be our TV though.  I don’t really care about the cable much.

My husband is so cool.  Tonight on the way home from work he stopped by Kroger (didn’t have them) and then Walmart to get me these:

blue-bunnyThey are awesome! Birthday Cake ice cream with sprinkles and blue icing.  Also, they’re low fat, so I don’t feel guilty about the snack! But what’s even more awesome is my husband who will go get them for me after he gets off work.

Because my phone is bonkers, I’m expecting this phone in the mail tomorrow (thankfully, it was upgrade time!):


Yay!! My birthday is on Sunday and I already feel like I have a present!

My mom is coming to Nashville this weekend or my birthday so I might not get a post for next week’s deals until Monday or so.  In light of that, this post is for a few mid-week deals that might tide you over.


Dove GoFresh Deodorant Trial Size ($0.97) – $1.25/1 RP 3/15 = Free + overage

Trident Gum (3-pack) ($1.69) – $2/1 SS 3/8 = Free + overage

Nabisco Snack Saks ($1.52) – $1/1 Target printable = $0.52

Harris Teeter:

HT boneless chicken breast 2.5 lb bag B1G2 Free

EZ Peel White Shrimp 2 lb. bag, 51-60 ct. B1G2 Free

Jose Ole Taquitos B1G2 Free

Old Orchard 64 oz. 100% Apple Juice B2G3 Free

Deer Park Water 3 liter B2G3 Free

Buy One Get One Deals

Finish/Electrasol 75 oz, or gelpacs 20-26 ct B1G1 Free-$2.50 SS 4/19 = Free

Ragu, 45 oz. B1G1 Free – $0.30 RP 4/5 (will double)

Arnold Whole Grain breads B1G1 Free – $1 March AY

Skippy Peanut Butter B1G1 Free – $0.40 RP 4/5 (will double)

Hormel Compleats B1G1 Free – $0.75 SS 4/5 (will double)

Ocean Spray 46 oz. Cranberry or 64 oz. Grapefruit juice B1G1 Free

By the way, Harris Teeter will be tripling coupons 4/29-5/5.


Marie Callender’s Entrees or Dinners, 10 to 21 oz box ($2.99) B1G1 Free – $1 May AY = $0.50

Pasta Roni or Rice A Roni ($1.17) B1G1 Free – $1/4 RP 3/8 = cheap

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, 8 ct ($2.39) B1G1 Free -$1/2 RP 4/5 = $0.69

Wish-Bone Dressing, 16 oz ($2.63) B1G1 Free – $0.75/1 RP 3/15 = $0.56

Skippy Peanut Butter or Natural Peanut Butter ($2.49) B1G1 Free – $0.40/1 RP 4/5 = $0.44

Hunt’s Tomato Ketchup, 24 oz ($1.75) B1G1 Free – $1/2 May AY = $0.37

Yoplait Go-Gurt Portable Yogurt, 8 pk ($2.79) B1G1 Free – $1 SS 4/19 = $0.40


Lawry’s 12oz Marinades ($1) – $0.50 RP 4/5 (will double) = Free

McCormick Grill Mates ($1) – $0.50 RP 4/19 (will double) = Free

Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream or Dips 16oz ($1)

Powerade Sports Drink, 32 oz ($1) – $0.40 SS 3/22 (will double) = $0.20

Pillsbury Brownies ($1) – $0.35/1 RP 3/29 (will double) = $0.30

Green Giant Vegetables ($1) – $0.50/2 RP 3/15 or 4/5 (will double) = $1/2

Quaker Rice Cakes ($1) -$1 RP 3/29 = Free

Kroger Value White or Wheat Bread .78¢ ea

It’s likely the next time I post I will already be 23!! Yikes!!

Husbandless Weekend

Lance went camping this weekend with his brother Lyle.  Lyle is getting married next month and this is his bachelor party.  I’ve talked to him a couple times and it sounds like he’s having a blast.  I’ve only been away from Lance one other time since our wedding day and that was when he had to go to Boston for work.  I hated that week.  I cried every day and felt like his return would never come.  But this weekend I’ve had fun.  Yes, I miss him, but I’ve been able to do whatever I want! Last night I rented two chick flicks.  This evening I plan on going shopping and cleaning my house with loud music on.  Tomorrow I’ll just sleep in and then do some cooking.  Tomorrow night Lance’s sister and her boyfriend are coming over to watch a movie, so I’m going to make some snacks.  Lance should get home sometime tomorrow afternoon.

I can’t wait until we get our tax refund! We have so many plans for that money.  It was nice to sit down with Lance and discuss exactly how we want to utilize it.  I knew that we needed to have a plan for it before it comes because if we didn’t, we would just see a lot of money and spend it!  Once it comes, one of our plans is to get internet.  I can’t wait! I’ll be able to blog more often and look for a new job!

Another happy note: We got our first electric bill since moving to our new apartment and it was $37!!! The last bill I paid (for our old apartment) was around $270.  I’m LOVING the difference!!  I will never live in a townhouse again! (Unless it has like free rent or something!)

This week’s deals don’t look very promising.  But there are still some things worth going out for.  I’m loving all the free shaving cream I’ve been able to stock up on!


Hershey’s Easter Bliss candies ($1.99) (may be on clearance) – $1/1 printable & $1/1 Target printable = Free

AXE Shower Gel trail size ($0.97) – $1/1 RP 4/5 = Free

V-8 Fusion ($2.99) – $2/1 printable = $0.99


Skintimate Shave Gel ($2.99) – get back $2.99 RR = Free

Edge Infused Comfort and Edge Infused Hydrate Shave Gel ($2.99) – get back $2.99 RR = Free

Physicians Formula makeup is 40% off – $10 ESR ($10 back wyb $10 worth) = Free

Mitchum Deodorant ($2.99) – $0.75 SS 3/22 – get back $2 RR = $0.24 after RR

Dawn Dish Liquid ($o.99) w/ coupon in Weekly Ad – $0.25 P&G 4/5 = $0.74


Edge Infused Comfort or Hydrate Shave Gel ($2.89) – get back $2.89 ECB = Free (limit 1)

Bayer Aspirin Quick Release Crystals ($2) – $1 SS 3/22 – get back $2 ECB = Free + overage (Limit 1)

Tresemme 3 for $10, get back $5 ECB

Transaction Plan:
Buy 6 products for $3.33 each
Use 6 $1 printables
Use $4 off $20 CVS printable (Thanks Southern Savers!)
Use $5 off $20 in haircare (EC coup I received a while back)
Total: $4.98, get back $5 ECB = Free

Harris Teeter: 4/15-4/21

Remember they double coupons up to $0.99!

Windex ($3.79) –  B1G1 – $0.75/1 SS 3/29 = $0.39¢ ea.

French’s Spicy Brown Mustard ($1.50) – $0.75/1 SS 3/29 = Free

Barilla Penne Pasta ($1.25) – $0.50/1 SS 3/29 = $0.25 ea.


Juicy Juice 32 oz ($3.49) – B1G1 – $1 printable = $0.75 wyb 2

Glaceau Vitamin Water ($10/10) – $1 SS 3/29 or 4/5 = Free


$1.50/1 Kashi Go Lean Waffles printable

This Sunday’s paper will have two inserts: SmartSource and Red Plum

Free 2 yr subscription to parent’s magazine here.

Weekly Deal Plans 3/1-3/7

I officially love the Sunday Paper! Lance went and bought it at Walmart for me this morning. This afternoon we spent moving boxes to our new apartment and unpacking them, so I wasn’t able to do much until tonight.

The first of each month is a busy time for coupons! Not only do some stores like Publix, Walgreens, and CVS come out with monthly ads, favorite sites like Coupons.com have new coupons that come out monthly as well. I usually go ahead and print all of these coupons because they run out and I don’t want to risk missing a deal later. So, because of my new coupon organizer (which wasn’t completely finished), I have spent the last 3 hours organizing all of this.


Cottenelle Toilet Paper 4 pk.  On sale for$0.99 – $0.50 printable = Free – $.50 (most Krogers double coupons up to $0.50, if they do this item will be free)

If you hit the back button when printing the coupon you can print 2 of them.  I did and I’m going to get 2 of these items.

For more Kroger deals go here.


Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix $2.69 BIGI Free

Publix Potato Chips 3/$5

Publix Greenwise Market Apple Juice 64oz. $2.50

Purina One Cat Food 3.5lb bag $5.99 – $3.50 printable = $2.49

When you spend $10 (before coupons) you also receive a “Mystery” penny item, which happens to be a 4pk of Greenwise Bath Tissue.

For more Publix deals go here.

Rite Aid

Frosted Flakes BIGI Free – $1/2 printable

For more Rite Aid deals go here.


Transaction #1

Colgate Max White or Max Fresh $3.29 OOP  – $3.29 RR = Free

Transaction #2

Cottonelle Fresh Wipes $1.99 w/ weekly ad coupon – $0.50 printable = $1.49

Fiber One Bars $1.99 Coupon Combo – Save $1.00 wyb any Fiber One Cereal and any Fiber One Bars printable, Save $1.35 wyb Chocolate Mocha Fiber One Bars printable, Save $0.75 wyb Fiber One Frosted Shredded Wheat Cereal (I’m not sure if Walgreens carries this kind of cereal, but if they do I’m going to combine all of these to get a great deal!)

Axe Hair Care Free with rebate up to $6.99 (limit 1)

Walgreens Extra Strength Headache Relief 20 ct. gel $2.99 – Free with rebate

2 bags Snickers Miniatures on sale for 2/$5 – $1/2 ESR coupon – $1/2 RP 3/1 coupon = $1.50 each wyb 2

For more Walgreens deals go here.

For my CVS plans see this post.

Nothing appealed to me at Target this week but to see their deals go here.

I will post all the actual totals and savings once Lance is able to go shopping for all of it!