Adelaide Harper You Are 12 Months Old!

We finally reached your first birthday! And it didn’t make me as sad as I thought it would. We love the sweet little girl you’re becoming and so look forward to watching you grow up!

* Daddy often sings you the Skinnamarink song to calm you down when you are upset. This month you starting trying to sing along with him! We’ve caught you a couple other times singing to yourself and it’s so sweet!

* New words this month were “thank you” and “I love you”.

* You have learned to point when you want something! I love that you are able to communicate in that way and I don’t have to guess what it is that you want!

* Speaking of pointing; every morning when I eat my breakfast of peanut butter crackers, you crawl over as fast as you can and ask for one. You love them and if I don’t give you one fast enough you get so mad.

* Almost every day lately, when we go to get you out of your crib, you will bring your bunny with you. Morning time, nap time, no matter what. You’ve done this in the past, but not this frequent. It’s so cute how much you love your bunny!

* This month brought your 8th tooth! You have at least 3 more coming soon and you have been really cranky lately because of them! Poor baby!

* You have learned to pretend talk on the phone! You will hold anything rectangle shaped up to your ear and answer it. Ha!

* Music and dancing has been the funnest thing for you lately! You will just dance and dance and sometimes squeal when music comes on. And you love for me and Daddy to dance with you!

* You have become really clingy this month. I think it’s because you haven’t felt well with your teeth hurting. You love to be held, or if you’re playing you love for us to be right in the floor with you. You also have been so sweet by patting our backs, when we pat yours. It’s hard seeing you upset all the time, but I’ve been loving all the extra snuggles from an otherwise very independent girl!

* I have a few IPad apps that you like to play with and you’ve learned how to push the buttons to make them do stuff. You think it’s really fun! You also like to use my IPad as a mirror and talk to the baby that you see! Ha!

* One of the sweetest things that I’ve watched you do lately, is be a good Mama to your baby dolls. You will say “Awwww” and pat them, kiss them and hug them. I know that you are going to be a wonderful Mama someday!

Adelaide Harper, you are the most precious little person I have ever met. Your Daddy and I love you more than you will ever know! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Months 1-12:

Adelaide Harper You Are 10 Months Old!

Wow! TEN months old! You are such an independent big girl now, that it’s hard to believe you were ever a little baby!

* You are definitely using “Mamamama” and “Dadadada” in reference to us now. Before it was just babbling. We LOVE it! Sometimes when you get mad if I walk away from you, you will squeal at me in this high-pitched voice “Mamamamama”. It’s so funny!

* You have really been facinated with my face lately. You will touch my eyelashes, nose, eyebrows, lips, etc., and I will tell you the names of everything, trying to teach you. You also love to play with my hair, but I am trying to teach you not to do that because it hurts! Ha!

* You are in size 12 month clothes (which are starting to get snug!) and size 4 diapers. You eat 3 bottles, baby food twice, and lots of snacks throughout the day. I cannot get you to drink out of a sippy cup at all! I’ve tried water, juice, formula, different cups; nothing works! You love to bang the cup on your highchair tray and get your hair all wet though!

* Your 7th tooth arrived this month! You are getting to be a pro at this teething stuff! Besides being drooley, you really don’t seem to mind all that much! Your smile is so cute with all those teeth!

* Whenever music comes on now, you like to dance to it. You will kind of just bop up and down and smile and wave your arms. It is the cutest and funniest thing ever!

* I think you are starting to become somewhat of a Daddy’s Girl. Whenever he gets home from work you get so excited and yell until he picks you up. Also, at night when we are putting you to bed, I get like 1 kiss for every 5 you give him! You love your Daddy!

* You are now pulling up on things and trying to stand! You’re still wobbly at it, but I think you love the new perspective!

* Most mornings when we get you out of bed, you latch onto something that’s in your crib and bring it with you. Often, its your little bunny friend, which you still love more than any of your other toys!

* We had to take your bumper off, because you figured out how to take off the clips we used to attach it to your crib. Now your pacifier falls out all the time and you are not liking that! The other day after about 30 minutes of fussing at naptime, you yelled “Mamaaaa!” and when I went into your room you were sobbing and gave me so many kisses when I picked you up to comfort you. It broke this Mama’s heart! You didn’t have to take a nap that day!

It is an absolute joy to watch your life unfold! We cannot imagine our lives without you in it! You make our hearts so full, sweet girl!

Adelaide Harper You Are 9 Months Old!

Your first year of life is 3/4 of the way over! Every day you seem like more and more like a big girl and less like a baby!

* You have been more attached to your Daddy this month than ever before. You used to be all about Mommy. I was sick with pneumonia for over a week and Daddy took care of all your needs and you got really attached to him. Sometimes you even cry when he leaves for work. It’s so sweet to see your relationship with him deepen!

* You cut your 5th and 6th teeth this month. You took the pain like a champ and didn’t really fuss at all! Your new favorite thing is to grit the top and bottom ones together. The noise drives me crazy! Ha!

* You LOVE to go outside! We like to go on walks together, with you riding in my wrap. Every time I get the wrap out to put you in it, you start squealing at the thought of going outside!

* You are crawling so good now! You get yourself anywhere you want to go, which usually means into something you’re not supposed to be into, ha! You would rather get into your trash can in your room than play with all your fun toys!

* You can also sit up from lying down now. Whenever I lay you down for a nap, as soon as I leave the room you sit up and play until you eventually get tired and lay back down. It’s so much fun to watch you on the monitor, singing and kicking and shaking toys! You are still so easy to put down for naps.

* You are getting better at eating table food and love to eat bread, strawberries, grapes, cereal, carrots, peas, green beans, and yogurt melts. You still eat mostly baby food though and have about 4 bottles a day.

* Whenever you wear long-sleeved pajamas to bed, you end up working on the sleeves until you pull your shirt completely off. I’ve started folding up your sleeves so you can’t take your clothes off. Ha!

* You are in a size 12 month clothes and size 4 diaper. At your doctor’s appointment last week you weighed 19lbs, 10 oz.

* You are babbling so much these days. The other night when I was getting you ready for bed you started patting your belly. I said “pat, pat, pat, pat” and you said “pa, pa, pa, pa”. Every day since then you like to show us your new trick and tell us your new word! You are just so smart! You also love you clap for yourself when you’ve done something we get excited about. So cute!

* You are just so sweet and affectionate these days. You give kisses and hugs all the time and we just soak them up!

Mommy and Daddy love you so much sweet girl!

Months 1-9:

Adelaide Harper You Are 8 Months Old!

It was so hard to get good pictures of you this month! You are so busy these days and have no time to stop and pose for the camera! Also your teeth are bothering you and between the drool and your tongue exploring those new teeth, your smiles were hard to come by.

* You have been so much more cuddly this month. You like to lay your head on our shoulders and give us kisses all the time! In fact, when we lean in to kiss you on your lips, you are leaning in too and kissing back! It’s so sweet and we are loving all the good snuggles!

* You are finally on a good schedule! You have four bottles, eat baby food twice, and have two naps a day. You wake up typically around 6:30am and go to bed around 7pm every night. It’s so easy now to plan things because I know when you will need to eat and sleep!

* You have cut two new teeth this month. The top two front ones. You have been drooling so much and chewing on your fingers; working hard on those new teeth!

* You have been babbling and talking so much! We have heard “Mama” and “Dada”, but are pretty sure you are not talking about us yet. You also say “bababa” and “wawawa” alot. You have also learned to cluck your tongue this month! It’s so cute!

* You are officially scooting! You are much better at backwards than forwards, which is frusterating to you sometimes when you are trying to get something in front of you and only seem to get farther away from it! Ha!

* It seems like your hair has grown so much this month! It’s getting much thicker and starting to touch your ears and neckline. I can’t wait until I can play with it and put bows in your hair!

* Speaking of hairbows, you have discovered the headbands I put on your head and are taking them off. I can’t keep headbands, hats, socks, or shoes on you. When we go out strangers comment about your cold feet and I think they must think you’re neglected! Ha!

* We have had to lower your crib because you were scaring us by putting your legs and arms over the sides. With all the moving you do these days, it feels much safer to have your crib set at the bottom.

* You are still in a size 3 diaper and wear 6-9 month and 12 month clothing. Our scale says you weight about 19.8 lbs.

* You are getting better at working those fingers to pick up finger food. I have tried giving you little pieces of cereal and blueberries, but you still gag alot and aren’t quite ready for it. You love baby mum mums though! And you are loving your baby food and eat about 2-2.5 jars per day!

It is so hard to believe you are this old! I am just soaking up all these last baby months, because soon you will be toddling around and talking! We love you so much Adelaide Harper!

Months 1-8:

Adelaide Harper You Are 6 Months Old!

You are halfway to your first birthday! I can’t believe it! Every day you are seeming more like a little girl and less like a baby.  I wish I could slow down time to savor these last few baby months!

* After weeks of working on it, you can finally get your toes into your mouth.  It is so funny when you chew on them! You especially like to do it when I’m changing your diaper.  You are such a wiggle-worm these days!

* You are starting to fuss when I leave the room sometimes.  You definitely like having your Mama around! I try to take you with me from room to room, but sometimes it’s easier to leave you in your swing for a minute while I switch a load of laundry or something. And you like to let me know that you do not like being left behind!

* I am so proud that you are sitting up! It’s not for very long at a time, but you can do it! You love it too!

* You have tried lots of new foods this month including “Mum-mum snacks”.  They are these little rice wafers that dissolve and you like to hold it yourself and eat it.  It think it helps your sore gums.  You are still not very into baby food.  I just can’t get you interested.  Maybe we’ll eventually just switch to table food and skip baby food entirely!

* You are sleeping through the night most nights, which your Daddy and I love! You usually go to bed around 7pm and don’t get up until around 12 hours later! Some nights you still wake up once, but it’s easy to give you a bottle and then you go right back to sleep.

* Two new teeth popped up this month; your two front bottom ones! They came within a day of each other.  You were a little fussy for a couple days, but nothing too bad.

* You are starting to assert your independence more.  I can’t already see the beginnings of the “Adelaide do it” phase.  I love, love, love to watch your little personality developing!

* Your fine motor skills are getting so much better and you are definitely using them! Your fingers do just about anything you want now, and you love to use them to grab our cell phones, computers, or anything else we are holding at the moment.  Yesterday you yelled at Daddy because he took your foot off his computer.  Haha!

* You are just about the happiest baby I have ever met.  You are giggly, excited, and smiling all the time! You are such a joy to be around!

* You are fascinated by whatever clothing I’m wearing and like to feel the texture in your fingers and either bury your face in my shirt or try to bring it to your mouth to taste it.  Just another way you are exploring your surroundings!

* You are wearing mostly 6-9 month clothing and some 12 month (already!).  You are in a size 3 shoe and still a size 3 diaper.

We love you more than life itself!

Months 1-6:

Adelaide Harper You Are 5 Months Old!

Five months old? What? How can this be? It’s not possible! Can you please slow down on this getting older thing? Thanks.

* You have picked a favorite toy/animal/comfort item.  It is this little blanket with a bunny attached to it.  Every time you see it your face lights up and you hug it and put it right in your mouth! You get more excited about your bunny than any other toy you have!

* You are figuring out how to sometimes put your pacifier back in your mouth.  It’s so neat to watch your hands finally work for you and those motor skills developing. You also know how to take your paci out, and like to do that right when I’m about to leave you in your room for a nap (“Look mom, my paci is gone, come back and help me!”).

* You are now eating 6oz about 5 times a day and wearing a size 3 diaper.  We are still working on the solid food.  You don’t have much patience for sitting there and eating and would rather yell and spit your food all over Mom.  That is so much more fun that eating! Ha! Although, now you are opening your mouth for bites, which is definitely an improvement!

* You have started to really giggle and belly laugh.  It’s so cute! You especially do it when Mom or Dad are making you “fly” above our heads.

* You are still in size 3-6 month clothing, but some items are getting too small.  There are a few 6-9 month things that you are already wearing too.

* You have learned to fake-cough.  You especially like to do it when you are mad about something, combined with spitting.  It is quite hilarious! I love to see your personality growing, even in the form of how you react when mad!

* Whenever your Daddy vacuums, you have to watch him.  You will stop eating, stop playing, turn around, basically do whatever it takes to make sure you can see where that noise is coming from.  But, I sure am glad you’re not scared of the vacuum!

* I think you are starting to recognize your name.  Sometimes when I’m trying to get your attention and get you to look at me, regular noises or words won’t work; but if I say your name you usually look right at me!

* Speaking of names, yours should be Wiggle-Worm.  You are never still! You love to move and don’t like to sit still and snuggle with me anymore.  I think it’s so much fun that you are playing and moving around more!

* One of the sweetest new things you are doing is hugging me.  Sometimes you will give me a huge grin and then give me wide open mouth kisses/slobbers and bury you face into my neck.  It is my most favorite thing in the world! I couldn’t possibly love it more!

* You are doing so good at supported sitting!  I think you will sit up on your own very soon! Your abs are so strong, it’s just your balance that still needs a little work.

* This month we had a couple of social functions to go to and you loved them! At Daddy’s work Christmas party you wouldn’t even stop to eat because you didn’t want to miss anything! You just stared and looked and soaked the new atmosphere in.  I think we need to get out of the house more now that you enjoy it so much!

* You are grabbing and putting in your mouth anything you can get your hands on! A lot of the time that means my clothes, my hair, and my Ipad. Ha!

* We have a toy that you can sit/stand in and bounce and you are loving it! You think you are big stuff standing up like a big girl in it!

Although I sometimes miss my sweet little tiny newborn, I am loving the age that you are! You are such a sweet, fun, precious little girl! You make Mommy and Daddy so happy! We love you!

Months 1-5: