Good Deals at Target

I haven’t done couponing for a few months because I didn’t have a working car.  It was way too much trouble to try to get deals while sharing a vehicle with my husband, especially since up until a couple weeks ago he didn’t get off until 9:00pm.  Well, we recently bought a new car and now I’m trying to get back into couponing.  It’s hard resume the habit though.

I’m starting slow, and until I save up a few weeks worth of coupon inserts, have to rely mostly on printable coupons.

This week Target has a few good deals with printables so I’m going tonight to try to snag a few things for cheap!

So if you, too, want some free lightbulbs, 75 cent cereal, and 69 cent Scrubbing Bubbles, then go check out this post here.