Adelaide Harper You Are 9 Months Old!

Your first year of life is 3/4 of the way over! Every day you seem like more and more like a big girl and less like a baby!

* You have been more attached to your Daddy this month than ever before. You used to be all about Mommy. I was sick with pneumonia for over a week and Daddy took care of all your needs and you got really attached to him. Sometimes you even cry when he leaves for work. It’s so sweet to see your relationship with him deepen!

* You cut your 5th and 6th teeth this month. You took the pain like a champ and didn’t really fuss at all! Your new favorite thing is to grit the top and bottom ones together. The noise drives me crazy! Ha!

* You LOVE to go outside! We like to go on walks together, with you riding in my wrap. Every time I get the wrap out to put you in it, you start squealing at the thought of going outside!

* You are crawling so good now! You get yourself anywhere you want to go, which usually means into something you’re not supposed to be into, ha! You would rather get into your trash can in your room than play with all your fun toys!

* You can also sit up from lying down now. Whenever I lay you down for a nap, as soon as I leave the room you sit up and play until you eventually get tired and lay back down. It’s so much fun to watch you on the monitor, singing and kicking and shaking toys! You are still so easy to put down for naps.

* You are getting better at eating table food and love to eat bread, strawberries, grapes, cereal, carrots, peas, green beans, and yogurt melts. You still eat mostly baby food though and have about 4 bottles a day.

* Whenever you wear long-sleeved pajamas to bed, you end up working on the sleeves until you pull your shirt completely off. I’ve started folding up your sleeves so you can’t take your clothes off. Ha!

* You are in a size 12 month clothes and size 4 diaper. At your doctor’s appointment last week you weighed 19lbs, 10 oz.

* You are babbling so much these days. The other night when I was getting you ready for bed you started patting your belly. I said “pat, pat, pat, pat” and you said “pa, pa, pa, pa”. Every day since then you like to show us your new trick and tell us your new word! You are just so smart! You also love you clap for yourself when you’ve done something we get excited about. So cute!

* You are just so sweet and affectionate these days. You give kisses and hugs all the time and we just soak them up!

Mommy and Daddy love you so much sweet girl!

Months 1-9:

Adelaide Harper You Are 7 Months Old!

So many new things this month! I feel like my baby turned into a big girl overnight! This month has brought huge changes in your development, and I feel like things are only going to speed up from here!

* You love to explore my face. You will grab my nose, pull my hair, put your hands in my mouth, and poke my eyes. While you do, I always say “nose” or “hair” to try and teach you about the things you are touching.

* You can now drink out of a sippy cup! You still prefer your bottle over anything though. You make funny faces when the cold water and juice gets in your mouth!

* You won’t sit still in your bumbo seat anymore. I had to move you to the highchair to feed you. You don’t really sit still in that either, but it secures you a little better.

* You are eating stage 2 baby food about 2 or 3 times a day, and having around four 6oz bottles in between. You are in a size 3 diaper, 6-9 month clothing (and a few 12 month things), and a size 3 shoe.

* You have discovered our cats. You love to pull their tails and ears, or whatever else you can get ahold of! You just laugh and grab! Ha! You have also noticed the kids that I keep. You think they are so fun and laugh at them all the time!

* You are starting to get much more whiney. You whine when I leave the room, when I take something away from you, and when it’s time for bed.

* We now know when you want to be held because you’re able to lift your arms up and show us! It’s so cute!

* The baby in the mirror is your best friend! You could watch yourself all day. I think the mirror gets more hugs and kisses than I do! Ha!

* You are finally rolling from back to front and have no problem with tummy-time now. You often sleep on your tummy too. You can sit up for long periods of time without falling down and love to play sitting up with all your toys around you. I think crawling will come soon!

* You have learned to fake-cough and love to do it all the time. You also blow raspberries, cluck your tongue, and pop your lips (like Daddy taught you). You are also learning to clap your hands and have done it a few times for us!

* Sometimes I play an episode of Sesame Street for the kids I keep, and you will watch almost the whole episode, even when there are toys surrounding you. You will not be distracted and even laugh at the puppets sometimes!

* For Christmas, you got a shape sorter toy, and if I set up a shape on top of the hole it goes in, you can push it through. You get so excited when it falls down! You can also open the lid and take things out or put things in.

We love you so much, sweet girl!

Months 1-7: