Lance and I had a good date day yesterday.  We went to church in the morning and then we decided to go to a shopping mall for the afternoon.  We went to lunch at Backyard Burgers.  I have never been there and Lance usually lets me pick where to eat (since my appetite is iffy lately), so I wanted him to pick.  It was really good!  After we ate we headed to the mall and walked around.  Lance found some ties for work that were on sale.  We mostly did window shopping.  After a couple hours we took a smoothie break.

When we were ready to leave the mall I stopped and got a haircut at the salon there.  It was mostly just a trim and some layers.  I also bought a new straightening iron.  My first straightener lasted me about 8 years but broke about 6-8 months ago.  I’ve been saving money for a new one.  My hair is so curly that I have to buy a professional one for it to work.  Friday night I got off work about 6pm and then at 6:30 two girls I used to keep came over so their parents could have a date night.  I ended up working until 4am.  (22 hour work day, ugh!!).  But it was great to see the girls and I made enough money to get my straightener! I’m also really glad their parents had a much-needed date night!  I haven’t had a chance to use my new straightener yet, so I’m excited to try it out tonight!


Where do I start when I’ve neglected my blog for months?  There’s no way I could catch up on everything that’s been going on, so I will just try to stay current.

Today is a rare Saturday in which Lance and I are both off.  We are spending the day catching up on things we usually don’t have time to do during the week.  He is working on editing some things for his job.  So far, I have restarted my printer, filed away a whole stack of papers, started gathering everything for our taxes, and started looking through which coupon deals I want to do this week.

Later, I plan on putting together a car seat/stroller system so I can make sure everything is there before the return policy expires.  (I’m pregnant, by the way.  Twelve weeks along.)  Lance and I went to Toys ‘R’ Us the other day because I was hoping to score on a good deal for wipes.  I’ve been slowly buying diapers and wipes so that when the baby comes I’ll have a small stock and won’t have to worry about that expense for awhile.  Anyway, they did not have said wipes, so we ended up looking around for a bit.  I could look at baby stuff for hours anytime I go into a store that has a baby section.  This day we didn’t have much time.  But on the way out the door there were a few clearance car seat systems up front.  In addition to being on clearance, there was an additional 20% off, and an additional $20 coupon in their flyer.  The deal was too good to pass up.  I had planned on getting a gender neutral pattern anyway so that I could use it again for future children and they had a lovely yellow and grey pattern with all the features I was looking for.  So, we went ahead and bought it!

I’ve also been (slowly, cause I get tired easily now that I’m pregnant) cleaning out my craft room and getting ready to put baby stuff in it.  I’m anxious to buy stuff a little at a time so that we can spread out the expense.

That’s all for now!


Weekend With My Mom

My mom came to Nashville this past weekend to see me and we had a lot of fun! She got here around lunchtime on Friday.  I had to work until around 6pm and then we went to Cheesecake Factory for National Cheesecake Day.  They were offering all their cheesecake at half price!

I got the Reese Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake.  It was soooo good!!

We had heard a rumor floating around on all the coupon blogs that Target was having some major clearance going on in their toy department.  So after supper we went to check it out.  We were so glad we did!

They had so much stuff marked up to 75% off! I bought all of this here (worth $224.34) for only $61.04! Some of it I’m saving for Christmas (I have 7 nieces and nephews!) and some I’m keeping for my childcare business.  It’s great to just pull out a new toy every once in a while. It makes the girls’ day less mundane, I think.

After Target it was getting late, so we decided to go home.  On our way we stopped at McDonalds for a $1 large drink.  We were pleasantly surprised that there was a coupon on our cups for a free smoothie!

We made plans the next morning to go to the other Target (I have two that are close to me!) to see if we could score any more toy deals.  They opened at 8 am and we were there shortly after.  They had a few things that the other Target didn’t have.

Retail cost for these toys would’ve been $47.36; I spent $14.16!

After that we went back to the other Target (haha!) for our regular coupon deals, Old Navy for their “secret” $2 cami sale, and to Ross and Marshalls where we didn’t find a thing!

We stopped back by my apartment to pick up Lance and go to lunch.  I had 3 coupons for free sandwiches at Jersey Mikes, so all we had to pay for was our chips and drinks!

That afternoon we went to Sweet CeCe’s for dessert.  It’s this awesome place where you get an empty cup, fill it with whatever frozen yogurt flavor you want, and then put the toppings of your choice on top.  They have the best frozen yogurt and every topping you could think of! Sooooo yummy!

After that we were wore out from all the heat and errand running, so we went back to my place for a nap.  It was Saturday, after all! We woke up in time for supper.  I had a $25 to Tee’s Fireside Cafe, so our supper was a great deal too!

After supper we went to Toys R Us and Michaels and then came home.

Sunday was church and then Cracker Barrel for lunch! Then we went to McKays to exchange some books. By that time it was around 3p and my mom had a 4 hour drive ahead of her so she had to leave.

It was a great weekend, though! I loved that we got to go out to eat and do so much shopping at a fraction of the cost!

Busy Week

I’ve gotten too used to Lance being home until around lunchtime.  This week his schedule changed and he is working daytime hours because all the students are on Christmas break.  I’ve enjoyed him being home in the evenings with me so much (as opposed to him getting home at 11:30p), but I miss the help with the girls.  It’s so easy to have him watch them for a few minutes while I make lunch, or load the dishwasher, or switch a load of laundry to the dryer. Of course, sometimes I walk back in the room and one of the kids looks like this:

Speaking of the kiddos…  Maybe once every couple of weeks or so, especially if I’m feeling sick or something and just need a small break, we will have a movie and popcorn time.  They love it and think it’s a special treat! I love it too because I don’t feel bad playing an educational Baby Einstein movie.  Anyway, last week I made some homemade cinnamon sugar popcorn and they loved it!  You just put a few tablespoons of popping corn, a dash of oil, and cinnamon and sugar to taste all in a paper lunch sack and microwave it until the pops are 2 seconds apart.  It’s so simple and costs pennies per serving!  As an added bonus, it’s much healthier!

In other news, I’ve really been wanting a hair cut lately.  Everytime I go to a salon I never like it and have to fix it myself.  Waste of money, I say.  I’m getting a lot better and cutting Lance and I’s hair.  It’s hard for me to cut the bottom of my hair in the back straight though.  My arms just don’t bend that way! So, on Tuesday night, I employed my husband to cut the back for me.  He’s done it once before and did just fine! After he trimmed up the back, I was able to do everything else! This is probably the best haircut I’ve ever given myself.  I’m really happy with it!

Tucker and Jaci wanted their pictures taken with the tree too:

Lance has a Christmas potluck at work today so I made cupcakes for that.  They are green, red, and white.  I think they turned out a little funky looking with the white on top but the icing and sprinkles help the look.  They will taste good anyway!

I have a couple more Christmas presents to wrap before we leave on Sunday.  We’re gonna be gone a whole week.  Our car is going to be full of presents! I also have to do laundry and pack for a whole week, which is a challenge cause I never know what I’ll need.  Layers would be the smart way to go I guess.

I can’t believe Christmas is next week!

“I like yor Chi-chi-tree”

This is what Kelly (the 2.5 year old I keep) said today about my Christmas decorations.  Gotta love the kiddo. 

She also tries to be a little mother to the other two girls.  She tells Jaci to be quiet when she gets to wound up, pats Violet’s back when she lays on the floor, and even tells me to be quiet when Jaci’s taking a nap: “Shhh Jaci’s seepin”, she says, in a whisper that sounds like a yell.  Haha. Too cute.

I’m glad it’s Friday and that this work-week is over.  I spent all week getting over my bad cold and now all that’s left of it is a slightly hoarse voice.  I can handle that.

I may or may not be babysitting overnight tonight, but if I don’t, we’re gonna go grocery shopping and to Walgreens for some deals.  The cashiers in Walgreens have been very sarcastic to me lately despite my nicest efforts, so I waited until tonight so Lance could go with me.  There’s something about a man’s presence that usually makes them act a little nicer to me.

Tomorrow we’re going to go to Cool Springs to do a little window shopping.  I also a $10/$10 coupon for JcPenny and that’s the closest one.  We hardly ever go to Cool Springs because I don’t like the traffic over there.  But it will be nice to visit some stores we don’t normally get to go to.  Lance normally works every other Saturday and this month he’s off every Saturday! I’m way excited about our day together tomorrow!

I really need to get my Christmas cards mailed out next week.  Christmas is coming so fast! I’m so ready to get rid of all the presents under my tree.  I’m tired of my cats jumping on them and smashing the bows! Haha!

What a Great Weekend!!


One of the downsides of keeping kiddos is that I catch everything they have. This past week was no exception! Two of the three girls had really bad colds and by Friday I knew I had caught it too.  Fever, runny nose, sore throat, the whole nine yards. 

Lance thought he was gonna get lucky because he didn’t feel too bad.  No such luck.  By Saturday he was sick too, just a day behind me. 

We spent the whole weekend in bed.  Two jugs of orange juice, 2 1/2 boxes of tissues, and a few cans of soup later, we are finally feeling a lot better. 

I actually kind of enjoyed being sick though (in a small, small way).  Normally I can’t really relax on the weekends.  I spend it worrying about catching up on everything I missed during the busy week: laundry, grocery shopping, paying bills, and various other necessary things.  If I try to relax, my mind doesn’t usually stray far from what needs to be done.  But this weekend, I didn’t care.  I spent the whole weekend reading, watching movies, and looking at facebook.  And Lance was right there beside me, without me feeling like I was holding him back from a fun weekend, for he was sick too.  The only thing I wish I had more of: sleep.  That did not come so easily because I couldn’t breathe through my nose.

Today, I’m just making a mental game plan of everything I need to catch up on, and probably going grocery shopping tonight.  I’m not going to buy much though.  We have a lot of stuff in our cabinets we need to use up.  Lance had to throw away a can of soup last night because he discovered it was expired.  To me, that means we have too much food in the house.  I’m going to try to get creative this week and just buy maybe some bread, juice, and milk at the store.  Probably some eggs too.

Tomorrow I’ll start on all the laundry I was supposed to do on Saturday.  I accidently knocked over a glass of water in the bathroom on Friday night (it broke) so I have to wash the bathroom rugs too, to make sure there are no little pieces of glass still in them.

I also hope to make it to CVS and Walgreens tonight or tomorrow night for some good deals.  I have some ECBs and RRs from Black Friday that I need to use up!

Well that’s my weekend in a nutshell! How was yours?