Adelaide’s Baby Book

I am so happy with the baby book I picked out for Adelaide! I got it from here. I would have loved to be able to do a big, creative scrapbook for her but I don’t have the time or the money.  I think I am doing a good job personalizing the book for her.

One of the baby shower pages:

The day she was born page:

Hospital bracelets and birth certificate page:

One thing I did to add to the book was to make picture collages for special things that didn’t have enough picture space in the book.  Because the book is 3-hole punched, it’s easy to add anything I want! I made one for her first room and put it next to the coming home page:

I also made one for her 1 month photos:

I think it’s important to find a way that you can preserve memories using the time and resources you have and can afford.  Keeping up with it is the key to not getting behind and forgetting the little things that make your child unique.

DIY Play Kitchen

As I have mentioned on here before, I work from home keeping kids.  I do have a college degree and I have had successful jobs like being a retail manager and a chiropractic assistant (although that was my least favorite for various reasons).  I am good at working outside the home and I work my way up fast.

But ever since I was a teenager all I have wanted was to be a wife and stay-at-home mom.  When Lance and I were dating, I made it clear that it was what I wanted and when we eventually had kids I didn’t want to work outside the home.

That being said, I’m not stupid.  I don’t think money grows on trees and I know that if we have more bills than one income will support, then I have to somehow have a second income.  It is with this mindset that I decided, almost 3 years ago, to start keeping kids in my home.

And those kids need stimulation! Lots of it! Old toys and tricks get boring and then they get into mischief, so I’m always looking for something new to pull out of my hat.

A few months ago Lance and I saw this diy kitchen and were inspired by it.  It looked so fun and creative and we knew we wanted to try to make one of our own.  A couple we know had an extra entertainment center they weren’t using and asked us if we wanted it (thanks Shane and Megan!).  We just had to get a few pieces of wood and other supplies to modify to fit our needs and Voila!, an awesomely fun new toy!

The stove was just painted on, the oven door was cut out by my father-in-law and Lance attached a piece of plastic we took out of a dollar store picture frame, and the utensil hanger is a paint stick and some hooks.  Real stove knobs were too expensive so we bought gliders that are supposed to go on the bottom of furniture and they look just fine! Lance’s dad also helped Lance cut wood for the fridge doors (we wouldn’t have been able to complete this without him and his supply of tools!)

The faucet is a piece from a cheap-o pipe set we got a Lowe’s and the sink is a bowl I got from the mixing bowl section at Walmart.  The handles are just the cheapest set Lowe’s had and Lance put them on in a way that they actually turn.  It was also Lance’s idea to put little colored beads inside the handles to mark hot and cold.

I added some play dishes, food, and utensils to it and it turned out pretty cute!

I also made matching aprons for the girls out of some cloth I already had.

The girls love it! We spent a total of about $50 and it will last us a long time.

I can’t wait until our daughter is old enough to play with it!

New Chalkboard Wall

We recently rearranged our one-bedroom apartment a little bit.  We made what is supposed to be the dining room, into a little playroom for the girls I keep.

We painted one side with chalkboard paint and the girls love it!  And, I have to admit, I love it too!

(please ignore the messy kitchen 🙂 )

They tried to color in the shapes Lance and I drew, which I think is great for developing motor skills.

Today we’ve been practicing our letter and shape recognition on the chalkboard wall.

Loads of fun for only about $12!

Polymer Clay Miniatures

Sometimes I feel like I collect hobbies.  I have this need for a creative outlet, but am always looking for something new to try rather than working on one craft.  Not saying that’s a good or bad quality about me, it is what it is.

Anyway, my newest fun thing is polymer clay miniatures.  It’s so fun to create tiny little things! 

Here’s some of what I’ve made so far:

(keep in mind I don’t have a very good camera)

Hamburger and Fries

Tacos with Chips and Guacamole


Turkey Sandwich with Doritos

Egg with Bacon

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich with Potato Chips and Strawberries


Some of them compared to a quarter, so you have an idea of the size

So fun!

One person’s trash…

…is my treasure!!!

So way back in the summer, as Lance and I were leaving to go somewhere, we saw a rummage sale outside at our apartment complex.  I LOVE rummage sales so I wanted to check it out.  Lance kindly obliged and I promised not to take long ’cause he’s not a fan. 

So, turns out the sale was over and they were just packing everything up to get rid of it.  Anyone who wanted what was left could just take it! I found a few little plastic (sanitizable) toys for the girls I keep and a big mirror.  The mirror looked like this:

It is a really nice size but had a really ugly paint job.  It was like off-white with some pastels brushed on it.  The most prominent color was dirt.

I knew that I wanted to paint it, but haven’t really had time until last week. 

Sad, I know.

So, I wanted it to be fun and give my little craft corner some personality.  And I knew it would be okay for it to be totally girly because it is my own little space. 

What’s more girly than purple and zebra stripes?  Well, I’m sure a lot of you could answer that question, but I like the color combination just fine 🙂

A little closer:

Here it is hanging in my corner:

Remember when Brandy played Cinderella?  All I think of when I see this picture is her singing, “In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be…”

It’s good to have a corner.

Now if I could just live some place that I could actually paint my walls…

How-To: Flower Hairbow


I’m going to show you how to make a flower hairbow so your husband can be as pretty as mine! (Or children, whomever you see fit…)

First thing you will need is a 1 3/4″ single prong alligator clip.  I can’t find these ANYWHERE except online! I bought 75 of them off Ebay for less than $6.


Next you will need a 4.5 inch piece of 3/8″ ribbon.  Most people use grosgrain, but I find that satin works just as fine.  You will then need to heat-seal the edges to prevent fraying.  I do this by running the edges through a flame very quickly.  Just a quick pass-through does the trick.


The next thing you will need is some fabric glue.  This stuff is great! You can find it at Walmart for around $2.


Using the tip of the glue bottle spread a thin layer about the length of the clip onto the backside of the ribbon.  Then place the clip onto the ribbon, top side up, flat side down.


Then spread another layer of glue about as long as the clip again.


Then flips the clip over, glueing the ribbon on top of it.  Pick up the clip and press both sides of the ribbon together, sealing the top of the clip inside the ribbon.  What you will have now should look like this:


Next, flip the clip over and place a small dot of glue at the end of the slip and a small dot of glue at the end of the ribbon.


Then just fold over the last piece of ribbon (but not on the insides of the clip) to cover the part that will be seen when clipped into hair.  It should now be a finished, covered, alligator clip.


Fabric glue doesn’t take very long to dry, but I like to clip the ribbon in place and set it aside to dry completely while I’m working on the flower.


Next you will need a flower.  Any flower.  I think Gerber Daisys are pretty but anything will work.  I bought mine at Walmart for $1 each.


Next, you will need to grip the middle of the flower on the front with one hand:


And the middle of the back of the flower with the other hand:


And pull! It will take a little effort, but these two pieces should come apart and you should be left with this:


Here is where you can separate the flower if you want.  You can use a few layers from this flower and add a few layers from a smaller flower to create a bouquet effect.  Then, grab a cute button.  I got these at (where else?) Walmart:


I like to reinforce my bows with glue and stitches.  Put a little ring of glue around the middle of the flower:


Then just stick the button on and add a few stitches through all the layers.  This can be challenging (and painful) when you have a thick flower, so I recommend using a thimble to push the needle through.


Then just turn it over and tie off the back.


Next add a little bit of glue to your now-dry alligator clip:


Stick it on the back of the flower and with the same needle and thread make a few stitches to ensure the clip will be tight on the flower.  Be careful not to stitch the clip closed (which I have done on more than one occasion).  You should be able to stitch through the middle of the clip prong fairly easily.


Tie it off again.  Let everything dry overnight and you’re done!


No matter if you make a flower hairbow or a ribbon hairbow they both start with a covered alligator clip.  Or you can make your alligator clips be the accessory by themselves!


You can also combine flowers and ribbon to make a hairbow!


Soon, I will post a tutorial on how to make the Christmas Tree hairbow which is a little more complicated and time-consuming.

Pretty Husband

If you don’t know, I keep three little girls full-time everyday in my home.  I always enjoy sending them home looking nice and that includes doing their hair.  I’m always looking for cute hair bows, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on them.  So, on a whim, I decided to make one tonight! It turned out so cute that it deserves a blog of it’s own!

I lined an alligator clip with 3/8″ ribbon that I got in the target dollar section,  took apart a fake flower, sewed on a button, added some glue to keep it all strong, and voila!  I’m really happy with how it turned out!




What a patient husband!

I can’t wait to make more of them! Maybe next time I’ll take a picture of them on the kiddos. Ha!


Disclaimer: No egos were bruised in the making of my hairbow.

Zebra Stripes, Polka Dots, and Satin

Recently I took the plunge and bought this:


I’ve always wanted a sewing machine.  I never wanted to spend the money because I was afraid that I would use it for awhile and get tired of it. Then it would just become a waste of money.  But I’ve really been craving a creative outlet lately.  And this wasn’t a fast decision.  I’ve been collecting pretty fabric for about 3 years.  Every once in a while I would go look at the sales section and pick out a yard or two of fabric that I liked:


Doesn’t this just make you happy?!?  I’m getting all kind of ideas just looking at all this pretty fabric!!

So, a week after I bought the machine, Lance and I went to visit his family in Arkansas.  Lance’s grandma is like Seamstress Extraordinaire.  She sewed for a living for many years and now just loves to make things for family and friends.  (And boy am I glad we’re family, for all the pretty quilts we’ve gotten!)  I told her about my new sewing maching and my desire to make a new king-size quilt for our bed and she helped me get it started! We went and picked out all this fabric:


Then we cut out all the (and by all, I mean 64, whew!) 14 inch squares that I would need.  I’m going with a mosaic, hodge-podge type quilt.  I didn’t necessarily want a certain pattern.  I looked through all her quilting books and found one that just had different shapes appliqued all over it.  So, that’s what I’m doing!  I made the first block while I was in AR:


In the midst of that, Grandma let me look through her stash of fabric scraps and gave me all this:


Add that along with all my ribbon:


and sewing accesories:


and I’ve got enough to keep me entertained for a looooonngg  time!!