16 weeks

On Wednesday I was 16 weeks pregnant.  I could know the gender by now, but my doctor wants to wait until 21 weeks to do the gender scan.  It’s really hard waiting! I thought about going to one of those ultrasound clinics to find out, but I could spend that $75 on something else than finding out the gender 5 weeks earlier.  I’m just impatient!  I just can’t wait to decide on bedding and room colors and start working on the nursery.  At 21 weeks I’ll only have 19 weeks left to get all of that done and I’m anxious to get started!

Lance and I went out for Valentine’s Day last night.  We had an Olive Garden gift card left over from Christmas and used that.  It was sooo good! Lance and I always share, which I love because I get to taste everything I want to, but not have a ton of food left over.  We got an appetizer, shared an entree (which I was too full after all the salad and breadsticks that I brought my half home…isn’t that what always happens at Olive Garden with that yummy salad?), and then both got dessert to-go.  We had a relaxed conversation and just enjoyed each other’s company!

My Saturday is going to be filled with laundry, relaxing, and hopefully putting together some coupon scenarios for this week.  I haven’t done couponing since November when I found out I was pregnant.  The first couple of weeks I was just preoccupied with the news, and then there was the holidays, and then I felt yucky for awhile.  So now, I’m ready to get some bargains! Plus, it’s just been so nice outside that running a bunch of errands seems inviting!

Weekend With My Mom

My mom came to Nashville this past weekend to see me and we had a lot of fun! She got here around lunchtime on Friday.  I had to work until around 6pm and then we went to Cheesecake Factory for National Cheesecake Day.  They were offering all their cheesecake at half price!

I got the Reese Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake.  It was soooo good!!

We had heard a rumor floating around on all the coupon blogs that Target was having some major clearance going on in their toy department.  So after supper we went to check it out.  We were so glad we did!

They had so much stuff marked up to 75% off! I bought all of this here (worth $224.34) for only $61.04! Some of it I’m saving for Christmas (I have 7 nieces and nephews!) and some I’m keeping for my childcare business.  It’s great to just pull out a new toy every once in a while. It makes the girls’ day less mundane, I think.

After Target it was getting late, so we decided to go home.  On our way we stopped at McDonalds for a $1 large drink.  We were pleasantly surprised that there was a coupon on our cups for a free smoothie!

We made plans the next morning to go to the other Target (I have two that are close to me!) to see if we could score any more toy deals.  They opened at 8 am and we were there shortly after.  They had a few things that the other Target didn’t have.

Retail cost for these toys would’ve been $47.36; I spent $14.16!

After that we went back to the other Target (haha!) for our regular coupon deals, Old Navy for their “secret” $2 cami sale, and to Ross and Marshalls where we didn’t find a thing!

We stopped back by my apartment to pick up Lance and go to lunch.  I had 3 coupons for free sandwiches at Jersey Mikes, so all we had to pay for was our chips and drinks!

That afternoon we went to Sweet CeCe’s for dessert.  It’s this awesome place where you get an empty cup, fill it with whatever frozen yogurt flavor you want, and then put the toppings of your choice on top.  They have the best frozen yogurt and every topping you could think of! Sooooo yummy!

After that we were wore out from all the heat and errand running, so we went back to my place for a nap.  It was Saturday, after all! We woke up in time for supper.  I had a $25 Restaurant.com to Tee’s Fireside Cafe, so our supper was a great deal too!

After supper we went to Toys R Us and Michaels and then came home.

Sunday was church and then Cracker Barrel for lunch! Then we went to McKays to exchange some books. By that time it was around 3p and my mom had a 4 hour drive ahead of her so she had to leave.

It was a great weekend, though! I loved that we got to go out to eat and do so much shopping at a fraction of the cost!


I’ve been busy! Last week my sister-in-law Laura got married and I was the maid-of-honor.  I also did her hair for the wedding.  I wish I would’ve taken some pictures, but I was just trying to be so helpful that I completely forgot about even taking a camera with me.  It was a really beautiful wedding though!!

The weekend before that, we had to go to Arkansas for a funeral.  Lance’s great-great-aunt (who was more like a grandmother) passed away.  She had been sick for some time.  She was a librarian, which is why Lance became one (or will become one….he does the work, just doesn’t have the official degree yet), so she will always have a special place in our hearts.

The weekend before that, my mom came to Nashville to see me while Lance went camping (for our new brother-in-laws bachelor party).  We had a lot of fun and went shopping and couponing a lot.  It was nice to have her here with me while Lance was gone.

Add all that in with my long work hours and several doctor’s appointments and adjusting to some new medicines, I’m ready for a quiet weekend.  Lance and I don’t have much planned which is wonderful!  I think we plan on going and seeing Inception at some point which we’re excited about.  I have two free movie tickets from some coupon deals I did, so it’s not going to cost us anything!

I also need to clean off my deck.  My balcony garden is done for.   My cucumbers got some kind of disease where the leaves turned splotchy and got covered in this web stuff.  Then the plants next to it got it too, until it spread all over.  I tried to save them and clip the bad leaves off, but it didn’t help much.  Not to mention, it’s been sooooo hot outside that I had been watering them several times a day.  I just decided to give up.  It was a really fun summer project and I was so proud of my garden, but it was clear that my plants were not going to survive.

In a couple weeks Lance and I will have a few days off.  We promised each other when we got married that we would take a few days off to spend together for our anniversary every year no matter what.  Our anniversary (3rd one!) was actually back in May but we couldn’t take time off then, so we pushed it back until August.  The plan right now is to have a “stay-cation”.  It’s crazy that we live in NASHVILLE and never take advantage of all the things this city has to offer.  We may decide last minute to go somewhere, but I doubt it.

That’s what I’ve been up to lately!

Good Deals at Target

I haven’t done couponing for a few months because I didn’t have a working car.  It was way too much trouble to try to get deals while sharing a vehicle with my husband, especially since up until a couple weeks ago he didn’t get off until 9:00pm.  Well, we recently bought a new car and now I’m trying to get back into couponing.  It’s hard resume the habit though.

I’m starting slow, and until I save up a few weeks worth of coupon inserts, have to rely mostly on printable coupons.

This week Target has a few good deals with printables so I’m going tonight to try to snag a few things for cheap!

So if you, too, want some free lightbulbs, 75 cent cereal, and 69 cent Scrubbing Bubbles, then go check out this post here.

UP! and Monsters Inc. $6.98 for Both at Target!!

Wow! I just found a great deal at Target! Target has been the store for great deals lately!

I’m going to show you how to get UP! Blu Ray/DVD/Digital Copy (digital copy as in you can transfer it to your computer or portable movie player) and the Monsters Inc. Blue Ray/DVD/Digital Copy for very cheap at Target!!

UP!          –        $19.99 (the shelf will probably say $26.99, so get a price check)

Monsters Inc  –   $18.99

Subtotal  –              $38.98

Use $10 UP! coupon here.

Use $8 Monsters Inc. coupon here.

Use $10/2 Target coupon here.

Total     – $10.98

Send in for a Pasta and a Movie $4 Rebate found here.

Grand Total    – $6.98 + tax and cost of pasta

To help with the cost of the pasta, use this coupon.  This should make the pasta only $0.50 or so.

Great Christmas gifts!!!

Update: Target in Nashville West and Target on White Bridge are out of Monsters Inc. 4-disk Combo.  They may be getting more in a few days.  It’s still a good deal for UP! though if you use the $10 coupon and send in for the $4 rebate.  It comes to around $6.  And it comes with a cute little journal with stickers and postcards in it!

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table


I’ve been looking for a good deal on a new toy to have at my house for the girls I keep.  I was so excited to see the LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table on clearance for $19! I posted about it here.  They have since sold out and the price has gone up to $39.  I’m glad I ordered one when I did!


I received it in the mail today and Kelly and Jaci (Violet had already gone home) were just bouncing waiting for me to put batteries in.  They were patient but I got lots of “Oooooh”s and “What’s that?”s until they could touch it.


It’s a really fun toy (see all the details here)! Jaci doesn’t talk much and after playing with it for 20 minutes said “down” and “off” and was humming along with the songs! I think it was a good choice!



I’ve been wanting to tell you about a website, but I wanted to try it out for myself first, to get a true feel for it.  It is Alice.com.  I got my first order in the mail today!


This website is so cool! You can order day-to-day household things for the same price (if you pay attention), or less than the store.  Shipping is always free with a minimum purchase of 6 items.  I can always find 6 things I need!  On your first order, you can order less than 6 items, because they “forgive” you for not knowing.  I’m seriously considering ordering my big containers of laundry detergent from there now.  I’d rather have someone else haul it up to my second floor apartment than myself 🙂

It gets better! Any coupon that has been published for the product you’re ordering, Alice.com has it listed right beside the product and will take that amount off the price for you!  They also have a category of the best deals, so that you can get the most for your money! My first order was 4 boxes of Nabisco 100 calorie Snack Packs, and 2 containers of Crystal Light Lemonade Mix and my total was only $10.52 with tax (and of course shipping is always free)!  They shipped it the day I placed the order and I received it 3 days later! Not too bad.


Plus, it’s just so fun to get packages at your door!!!!

$15 free from Kodak!

Kodak.com is giving away a free $15 promo code when you enter your e-mail address! I received my code and was able to order some photo Christmas cards and some prints.  I thought this was ending soon, but it looks like they’ve extended it for a few more days! Go here to get your gift from Kodak! You’ll have to pay shipping but it’s less than $5.

Good Deals at Target!

I don’t post many coupon deals anymore, but I still love coupons, and this deal is too good not to share!!

I keep 3 little girls everyday, and I go through a lot of wipes changing their diapers! I usually buy them in bulk at Walmart and it’s about $14 for 8 refill packs (Huggies brand, I don’t like Walmart’s brand.  They are too thin).  That makes them $1.75 each.

At Target right now they have the tubs of wipes for $1.55 and you can print a $1/1 coupon here, making them only $0.55! I have tried these wipes before and they are suprisingly thick for a store brand! I bought 16 tubs today! Such a great deal!!  If you don’t have kids, these would be a great addition to a baby shower gift basket, or a great donation to a women’s shelter!

Also, in the holiday section they have Santa Mr. Potato Heads for $5.99.  Print this $5/1 coupon and get it for $0.99! Remember, you can print two of these.  These would make great stocking stuffers!


Happy shopping!