Adelaide Harper You Are 7 Years Old!

Seven years old! I can’t believe it! You just keep growing up and I keep telling you to stop but you just won’t listen! This age has been especially fun though. You are so witty and smart and just keep us laughing all the time!

I always like to remember funny little things you say, because I know one day we will all love remembering what 7-year-old Adelaide was like. For Christmas you got a Tamogotchi in your stocking. The day after Christmas, as you were getting ready to watch a movie, Dad asked you if you want someone to babysit your Tamagotchi and you said “I need you to babysit. Mama’s going to the movies. I need a break!” Ha!

Your favorite toys these days are still stuffed animals. You set them up and have names and family groups for them all. Whenever you go and visit Nana you always take a backpack full of them. Your room is “Toy World”. You also like Lego, Playmobil, Lion Guard action figures, Magformers, and sometimes Barbies.


You also love to craft and create. You are especially good at drawing. You can draw better than me currently, and certainly better than I could at seven! You have a grasp of background, foreground, and perspective that amazes me. The other day you drew a picture of Lord Derby sleeping and you had his little eyes, whiskers, his hand tucked under his head, and his haunch drawn perfectly. You made him a cardboard cat castle the other day that was so fun. He played with that for days!

You lost 3 more teeth this year! You pulled one of them out yourself which made you pretty proud. One is loose and about to come out. You were 3′ 11.75″ at your recent doctor’s appointment.

One of your best characteristics is that you are so sweet. One time earlier this year, I got lost on some country roads and my phone wasn’t giving me the right directions and I had no signal to call anyone. I was so frustrated because people were expecting us and we weren’t going to be able to make it. Even though you really wanted to go where we were meant to, you were really sweet and even tried to give me advice and help me figure out directions. You had no idea how to find our way, but you were trying your best and it made my night so much better. I don’t know what I would do without you!

One thing you love to say these days is “You’re the best Mommy/Daddy in the whole wide world!” You also say “Blah blah, cha cha” when something is boring or frustrating. You have always been so independent, even as far back as the newborn stage you have loved your own space. But this year has brought more cuddle time (not a ton, but still more!), and I am loving it! I always ask you if I can keep you forever. Some days you say yes, other days you say you have to get married one day but you’ll buy a house down the street from me.

You had your very first E.R. visit this year. Back in June you were running in the house and ran right into the door frame by your room. Your forehead immediately swelled up, turned purple and mushy. You had a mild concussion and after a night of throwing up, things were much better the next day. The same month you played your first sport, T-Ball, and had to miss a game out of an already short season. You were the only girl on your team and it made me laugh when you would talk to anyone coming through the base you were supposed to be guarding.

You really love listening to music with both me and Dad. Back in August, Daddy was listening to the Hobbit soundtrack while doing dishes and when he was done he turned it off. You said “Why’d you turn it off? It was making me feel alive!”. You and I love to listen and sing to The Greatest Showman soundtrack, worship music, and a plethora of other things in the car.

Second grade is going good this year. Every year we homeschool, I feel like we are doing a little better; have worked out a few more kinks. You really love doing science with Dad. This year you are learning all about ocean creatures. We are going to a different co-op this year than the one we attended for the last two years. Even though I felt it was the right thing to do, I was worried about the transition for you because you had some really good friends at our first co-op. You have handled it like a champ and have new friends and have had so much fun with our new group! You are so outgoing and thrive on being around other kids!

You are also really good at making friends with adults. When we go to the library, there is a particular front-desk lady that we love to talk to. A couple months ago, you gave her a story you wrote. Since then, whenever we see her, she works in references to your story into the conversation, and it always makes you smile. You remember people you meet and always say “she/he was so nice”.

You are growing up to be such a beautiful person. I LOVE the things that make you different from me. You are smart, funny, creative, sensitive, and so thoughtful and introspective. Sometimes when you are quiet in your room and I check on you, you say you were just spending time thinking and imagining. You are such a blessing in our lives. I hope that when you grow up, you know what a treasure you are to us!