Adelaide Harper You Are 6 Years Old!

I think every year that I will write this post on time, but it is always so busy in the summer and too hot to take pictures outside. But, I eventually get it done and thankfully you don’t change too much within a couple months!


I can’t believe you are already 6 years old! I know I say this every year, but it goes so fast! Your life is just passing us by! And your personality is just so big for your age, that’s it’s easy to imagine you driving off at 16. Or walking down the isle. Or holding your first little one. Whew! Okay, too many tears, back to you at 6…

Homeschool this year is going great! It is much better than last year. I feel like last year was trial and error, trying to learn what works for you. And while things aren’t perfect this year, we have much fewer frustrating days. You have a tendency to zone out a little and it’s hard to get you to focus sometimes. You also love to decorate your worksheets, which can be time-consuming for me, but I’m trying to be patient because I know you have such a creative little mind.


I love to write down funny things you do or say. Last September when we were eating out at a Chinese restaurant with Nana and Happy, the waitress came by to check on us. You started saying some incoherent words and I just kind of shushed you because I was trying to be polite to the waitress. When she left, I asked you what you said and you replied “I was talking to the waitress in her language, but I couldn’t understand what I was saying”. We just all cracked up at that! I was so thankful the waitress didn’t hear your attempt at Chinese! Haha!


Later that month when I had to get some dental work done, I asked you to give me a kiss to make me brave. You said “I know why you don’t want to get your cavities filled! Because they’re so beautiful!” I told you that you were so sweet and you told me that I was so sweet! Daddy said there was a lot of mutual admiration going on that morning and you said “Just doing my job! I take care of the heartbroken!”


Your favorite toys are plastic animals, Duplos, Lion Guard action figures, stuffed animals, and your marble run. You also really enjoy to craft, cut, glue, and draw. When you have a dream, you like to tell us all about it and add lots of details to make the story more exciting. And you pause often to tell us which part you dreamed and which part you added. I love the cuddling I sometimes get in the mornings as you tell me these long stories!


You have lost 3 teeth this year! You don’t like to give your teeth to the Tooth Fairy, so we trick the tooth fairy with dried white beans and so far it has worked every time! We have told you from the very beginning that the tooth fairy isn’t real, but that doesn’t keep us from having fun pretending!

Every so often you get curious about different things. This past week it was skateboarding, and a few weeks before that it was Indians. It changes all the time and we try to encourage your curiosity. Once you asked to see a picture of what Elephant poop looks like and when I showed you, you said “I love my Mom and Dad because they let me discover things I don’t know about!” To go along with your interest in Indians, I bought you a little set of Indian action figures. They came with a couple animals, and a fire. You set them all up around the fire and said “The animals are playing tag and the people are holding hands around the fire and having a ‘ceremony'”. Haha!


You say your catchphrase is “Dumbbunnies” and you like to use it when you are mad or disappointed. You use a lot of big words for a 6 year old like “apparently”, “in the meantime”, “objects”, and “that’s just an expression”. Another sweet quote: “Even though our family is small, it has a big heart!” You also still have a few made-up words left from toddler-hood that I love to hear you say, like “Renemory” (memory), Calendar” (counter), and when you want to copy and paste a picture you ask me to “double-size” it. When we were at Sonic a while back, there was a stray cat outside. You wanted to know if it was a boy or girl and told me to see if I can see his “boy details”! Oh my goodness, you keep us laughing!!


We tried to have another baby this year. You have asked for a sibling for a long time. We have prayed about it together a lot. I knew that I needed to tell you we were going to try because infertility means lots of appointments and treatments to go to. When I told you that we were going to try, you got big tears in your eyes and asked “Are you doing this for me?” It broke my heart! I told you no, because if something happened to me, I didn’t want you to think it was your fault, but it was all for you! In the process of trying this year, we learned just how much of a miracle it is that we have you. I am sad that we couldn’t give you a sibling, but I will forever be grateful that God gave you to us for a little while!

You and Daddy really enjoy doing things together! This year you got to go on two Daddy-Daughter dates to see the Lego Batman movie and the Lego Ninjago movie! He has been teaching you chess and you guys love playing checkers together too. He shares your creative brain and many mornings are spent drawing together at the kitchen table. You were excited this year to create your own Instagram account to put pictures you take of your artwork, for family to follow and see.


One of the most exciting things to happen this year was that you asked Jesus into your heart! On April 9th. We had been talking about it for a long time but I wanted it to come from you and not pressure you in any way. One day after church you said that you prayed to yourself in Ms. Shirley’s class for Jesus to come into your heart. We had a long conversation about what that meant to make sure that you understood. We believe that you did. What makes this more special is that I also, asked Jesus into my heart after Ms. Shirley’s class one day when I was little, praying silently on the way home from church. When your cousin Layton was at our house visiting about a month ago, you held onto his little shoulders and said “Layton, I just have to know, have you asked Jesus into your heart so when you die you can go to Heaven and we can continue our story together?”. It was the sweetest thing! I pray that as you grow, you continue to have a heart for leading people to the Lord!


This year I have seen a lot of growth in you. You are just the sweetest little girl! The other day at Aldi, I realized I had the wrong can of something and was already in line. I was hot and tired and didn’t want to have to go through the line all over again for one can. I made a split second decision and asked you to start unloading the cart while I went and grabbed the can. In the 20 seconds that I was gone, I thought “What is she going to be doing when I get back? That was a bad choice!”, thinking maybe you would be zoned out or just dancing around. When I came back, you were doing exactly what I had asked you to and had unloaded like 10 things all by yourself. I was so proud of you in that moment! You and I butt heads a lot because you can be very sassy and strong-willed, but I also know that you are still learning, so respectful in public and are great at talking to other adults. People comment all the time at how smart and well-behaved you are! And I am so thankful for that. I remind myself that your sassiness at home is normal, because home is your safe place and the place where you are allowed to express your big emotions.


I love to tell you that “You are my favorite” and ask you “Why are you so cute?”. You always smile, but also sigh because I say those things so often. But it’s true! You are my favorite! I could not have dreamed of a better kid than you! I love everything about your personality! Whenever Daddy gets home late at night, we often talk and laugh as I fill him in on the funny things you said that say or the creative things you did. We love you with all our hearts!

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