Adelaide Harper You Are Four Years Old!

*This post is only a few months late. Things have felt a little chaotic in our lives as we have spent several months adjusting to owning a house, cleaning out a storage unit, going through and organizing boxes of stuff, and painting. But better late than never!


You are such a big girl at four! You tell us you are brave and can go places without Mom and Dad. You decided to test out that braveness one night and go outside by yourself because we were taking too long getting our stuff together to come out with you. When we got onto you for it, you said “But it’s okay, I’m brave!”.

You are certainly not the wallflower that I was growing up. You love to make friends wherever you go.  When we go to the park, you will start playing with any kid there. And at the grocery store you love to talk to adults we pass. You also sing songs throughout the store and ask people to sing a long as we pass them.


You are still a very picky eater. We are working on it. Most days you will choose to go hungry than to eat what I’ve made for dinner.  The waitresses at the Bonnie Café always laugh at you because you order toast 90% of the times we go there. It actually worries Dad and I a lot and we are hoping you will grow out of it.

You love to sit and listen to books. We can make it through 6-8 stories before you start to get restless. You will also listen to a chapter at a time of bigger books. We read though most of Charlotte’s Web this summer and now we are working on the classic Winnie-The-Pooh. Our very first chapter book we read was a version of the Wizard of Oz.  It had a picture every other page. One night we were reading it before bedtime, and we were at a part where the Wicked Witch was sending wolves to tear apart Dorothy and her friends, and the Tin Woodsmen chopped off the wolves heads.  I was thinking to myself that this probably wasn’t the best thing to read right before bedtime, when you piped up, “Is there a picture of the heads chopped off?”. Didn’t phase you a bit!


One of your favorite things to do is go to church and learn about Jesus. You love your Sunday School class and most Sundays are able to tell me details about what your lesson was about. I am so thankful for a class where you can learn about Jesus at your level. One day on the way home she was asking me what the name of the island was. At first I didn’t understand and asked “Hawaii?”. You were getting frustrated and then I remembered the lesson I had taught the second graders that day was about Paul and Titus and so I asked “Crete?” and you were excited that I knew what you were talking about.


Your favorite things to do are play outside, do crafts, play with your stuffed animals and toys, and play games with Mom and Dad. Our favorite game lately has been the Sneak Snacky Squirrel game.

We have started doing homeschool-preschool with you and you love it so far! We work on school stuff just 2-3 days a week. You think it’s so funny that I am your teacher. I think you are slightly disappointed that you aren’t going to public school, because I think you were really excited about it. But your attitude about doing school at home has been great and you work so hard on your homework. I am so proud of you!


This year you requested a princess birthday party. Not because you are really in to princesses, but because a lady at the dentist office asked you if you were having a princess party. So ever since that day you were convinced you had to have a princess party! Ha! You had a great birthday party with lots of cousins, some friends, and a princess birthday cake.

A week or two after your birthday, I took you to the animal shelter to pick out a kitty.  You have been begging for one for a long time. You were so excited! You picked out a little calico cat and we named her Ruby after your birthstone.  We had a few frustrating weeks as you were learning how to treat a cat. But thankfully you picked a docile one, who lets you do a lot of things to her (like dress her up in a tutu and have a dance party). You told me the other day that you didn’t sleep well the night before because you were up getting the cat all night. Haha!


You have a few chores that you are responsible for. Some examples are straightening the shoe bench, putting your dishes in the sink, cleaning your room, and making your bed. We have started giving you allowance and you have been saving it for an Octonauts toy that you really want.

You love to sing.  You make up songs all day long about things you are doing. And when you play with toys you do humming and sound effects for the things you act out. We sing silly songs at bedtime about putting on pajamas and brushing teeth. And when we listen to the radio in the car, I often hear you sweetly singing along to songs you have heard before.


Your memory baffles your Dad and I.  For a four year old, you remember so many details.  You remind us of things that happened a year ago (and even two years ago), that even we forgot about. I have a terrible memory, and your Dad has a pretty good memory, but of the three of us, you win! I think you will be able to do anything you put your mind to!

You recently had an interest in veins.  You kept asking me questions about it and so we found a book at the library that had a lot of pictures.  You sat and listened as I read about bacteria, white blood cells, red blood cells, and arteries.  We love going to the library and I think the librarian was a little amused that a four year old asked her for a book about veins.


Most days I still am amazed that God gave me such a special girl. You are so funny, so creative, so sweet, and beautiful inside and out! Sometimes as a mom, days feel long, but then as soon as I put you to bed I regret not spending more time with you.  The time goes so fast and before I know it, you will be all grown up! You are my best little friend and I love you more than you could imagine!