Adelaide Harper You Are 6 Months Old!

You are halfway to your first birthday! I can’t believe it! Every day you are seeming more like a little girl and less like a baby.  I wish I could slow down time to savor these last few baby months!

* After weeks of working on it, you can finally get your toes into your mouth.  It is so funny when you chew on them! You especially like to do it when I’m changing your diaper.  You are such a wiggle-worm these days!

* You are starting to fuss when I leave the room sometimes.  You definitely like having your Mama around! I try to take you with me from room to room, but sometimes it’s easier to leave you in your swing for a minute while I switch a load of laundry or something. And you like to let me know that you do not like being left behind!

* I am so proud that you are sitting up! It’s not for very long at a time, but you can do it! You love it too!

* You have tried lots of new foods this month including “Mum-mum snacks”.  They are these little rice wafers that dissolve and you like to hold it yourself and eat it.  It think it helps your sore gums.  You are still not very into baby food.  I just can’t get you interested.  Maybe we’ll eventually just switch to table food and skip baby food entirely!

* You are sleeping through the night most nights, which your Daddy and I love! You usually go to bed around 7pm and don’t get up until around 12 hours later! Some nights you still wake up once, but it’s easy to give you a bottle and then you go right back to sleep.

* Two new teeth popped up this month; your two front bottom ones! They came within a day of each other.  You were a little fussy for a couple days, but nothing too bad.

* You are starting to assert your independence more.  I can’t already see the beginnings of the “Adelaide do it” phase.  I love, love, love to watch your little personality developing!

* Your fine motor skills are getting so much better and you are definitely using them! Your fingers do just about anything you want now, and you love to use them to grab our cell phones, computers, or anything else we are holding at the moment.  Yesterday you yelled at Daddy because he took your foot off his computer.  Haha!

* You are just about the happiest baby I have ever met.  You are giggly, excited, and smiling all the time! You are such a joy to be around!

* You are fascinated by whatever clothing I’m wearing and like to feel the texture in your fingers and either bury your face in my shirt or try to bring it to your mouth to taste it.  Just another way you are exploring your surroundings!

* You are wearing mostly 6-9 month clothing and some 12 month (already!).  You are in a size 3 shoe and still a size 3 diaper.

We love you more than life itself!

Months 1-6: