Adelaide Harper You Are 4 Months Old!

My how the time goes by! My baby is getting so big and developing such a personality! Every month brings new joy into my life!

* The best new “trick” you do is yelling! Oh my goodness, you have definitely discovered your voice! You squeal, scream, and yell so loud. You don’t need an excuse to do it either; you may be happy, sad, hungry, tired…it doesn’t matter! It is so funny!

* You also like to talk to your bottle.  Sometimes you spit it out of your mouth and then “tell it a story”! I like to imagine the story to be something like “Oh, bottle, you’re so good…I’m going to eat you!” Haha! You also try to be a big girl and hold your bottle yourself.  But, I still help you keep it in there because sometimes you end up taking it out and getting mad.

* You are now able to bring toys to your mouth to chew on them! And goodness, how you love to chew! You will put anything you can grab into you mouth and gnaw; usually my fingers!

* The poochy-lip that you like to stick out when your upset breaks mine and Daddy’s hearts! Sometimes you combine the lip with some whining that sounds like “ooooo” “ooooo”.  One time, Daddy tried to blow a raspberry on your belly and it startled you.  He almost got teary-eyed when he saw that poochy lip on your sweet little face!

* Those ab muscles of yours have gotten a work out this month! You are trying your hardest to sit up and are constantly doing “crunches” all day long.  Sometimes Daddy lifts you up above his head and you stay stiff and straight as a board.  You are so strong!

* I have officially given up on trying to put socks on you.  You kick them off in about 2 seconds.  You’re just going to have to have chilly feet for awhile.  I am very thankful for footed pajamas!

* You are starting to be more aware of your routine.  Whenever I put you in your sleep-sack to get ready for bedtime you start fussing right away because you know what it means.  You are also starting to fight sleep a little more than you used to.

* I have noticed some new vocal sounds.  You used to just make “ooooo” sounds, but now have added “aaaaahh” and “iiiiiiiiiI”.  You have also discovered you can do a “lip trill” (I had to look up what this was called), where you blow air out of your mouth and make a “brbrbr” sound. So cute!!

*Something you have done since you were born, but I keep forgetting to write it down is: after you sneeze, you always moan like it took so much out of you.  It’s so funny!

* One of the sweetest things that you do, that I really don’t want to forget, is that you like to play with my thumb while you are eating.  You hold onto it so tight and move your little fingers over my nail and it just feels like you are memorizing the feel of my thumb.  I love it and hope you don’t grow out of it any time soon!

* Whenver I kiss your cheeks you get the biggest grin on your face and you move your mouth to where it’s touching mine.  I don’t know if it’s still just the rooting reflex or if you are really trying to kiss me back, but either way it’s so adorable!

* A few days ago we tried giving you solid food for the first time.  You have had some oatmeal and some apples.  I hesitate to saying that you are officially eating solids though, because you still have that reflex where you just push everything back out with your tongue.  So, I guess I would say that you are “practicing” right now!

* You are in a size 2 diaper and weigh around 15 pounds (that’s what our scale says when I hold you), but will know for sure at your next doctor’s appointment.  You are still eating 4 oz about every 3 hours during the day.  At night you usually have a 7-8 hour stretch of sleep and a 3-4 hour stretch of sleep.  You are doing so good!

Every day I am so thankful that you are my daughter.  I could not have picked a sweeter baby and we are so glad that God gave you to us

Months 1-4:


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