Adelaide Harper You Are 3 Months Old!

My, oh my, how the time is flying away! I know I say this every month, but I can’t believe you are already 3 months old! It is getting harder and harder to get things done with you around; like writing this blog post.  You are so much more awake and active, and love to be played with! You love attention from your Mommy and Daddy!

You love to laugh and kick when I put you in your bouncer, swing, or on your play mat.  You just talk and coo at the toys and can now hit them with your hands.  It’s so neat to watch you become more coordinated! Your movements are getting less random and more intentional.

You are drooling up a storm! I keep thinking that you are too young to be teething, but you sure are acting like you are! Your shirt gets wet all the time from your drool. And you like to chew on your hands or anything else that gets near your mouth.  We will see if a surprise little tooth pops up soon!

You and I have “conversations” now all the time! I will say “oooooohh” and you will say it back! It’s so much fun to watch you get so excited when I talk to you! Sometimes you get so happy that you squeak!

I found a birthmark on your knee this month.  It is just a little light brown shape, similiar to the birthmark I have on my leg.

Even though you have been smiling for quite some time now, I can tell you are doing it now because you recognize us, and not just because we are talking to you.  Whenever you wake up and I go to get you out of your crib, your face lights up before I even say anything! Sometimes when you are drinking your bottle you stop sucking just to smile and coo at me (or Daddy, whoever is feeding you).  It is so cute!

Your eyes are still blue, but seem a little darker.  Maybe they are changing, who knows?

You had your first cold this month.  You coughed for a few days and had one fussy night, but nothing too bad.  Your sweet, happy personality couldn’t be dampened by a little cold 🙂

You are now wearing a size 2 diaper and are in 3-6 month clothes.  My little tiny baby who used to be swallowed by newborn clothes is definitely growing!

We now have a nice bedtime routine established.  You get a bath (every other night), and then we sit you in your Boppy pillow and play for a few minutes with your stuffed animals.  You laugh when they “get you” or “give you kisses”.  Then we read a book and pray.  You are learning to self-soothe and so we just turn on your seahorse and lay you down.  It usually only takes you a few minutes to fall asleep on your own! You go anywhere from 4-6 hours before eating again, and sometimes even 8 hours!

You are the most precious baby I could’ve ever hoped for and you make all the work of being a mom so easy and worth it!

Months 1-3:


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