Adelaide Harper You Are 2 Months Old!

This month has been a busy one! You have changed so much and I feel like you are growing up so fast! I could not have asked for a better baby and you are so much fun to take care of!

* I had to take you to the doctor this month for a clogged tear duct.  You had some green stuff leaking from your eye.  I had tear duct problems when I was a baby too, so it doesn’t surprise me that you do too.

* You are now eating about 4 oz every 3 hours.  The doctor agreed with me that you are showing signs of acid reflux.  We had to get you some medicine to help your throat not hurt from spitting up all the time.  You are not a fan of taking the medicine! Ha!

* Despite all the milk you spit up every day, you are definitely starting to chunk up! Your little pudgy belly is so cute! At the doctor’s visit you weighed 9lbs 14oz which is in the 50th percentile.

* You have started cooing and talking this month.  Most of the time you like to coo at whoever is talking to you, but sometimes you lay there and talk to the light or toy that’s in front of your face!

* You have discovered your tongue and stick it out and roll it around in your mouth.

* All your hair on top of you hair fell out. You looked like an old man for about a week and then it started growing back in.  You have one little curl on top of your head!

* We have recently gotten some of the biggest smiles out of you! This morning you were smiling so excitedly that you started laughing! You also like to look in the mirror and smile at yourself.

* When you strech you sometimes sound like a goat.  It’s so funny to hear you “bleat”!

* You are so much stronger than when you were a newborn.  You can hold your head up all by yourself for a few minutes before it starts to get heavy and bob around!

We love you more every day!


Lance’s mom passed away on Saturday night.  We have been in Arkansas for the past week laying her to rest.  She was a wonderful “Nonny” to Adelaide and will be very missed.

Adelaide’s Baby Book

I am so happy with the baby book I picked out for Adelaide! I got it from here. I would have loved to be able to do a big, creative scrapbook for her but I don’t have the time or the money.  I think I am doing a good job personalizing the book for her.

One of the baby shower pages:

The day she was born page:

Hospital bracelets and birth certificate page:

One thing I did to add to the book was to make picture collages for special things that didn’t have enough picture space in the book.  Because the book is 3-hole punched, it’s easy to add anything I want! I made one for her first room and put it next to the coming home page:

I also made one for her 1 month photos:

I think it’s important to find a way that you can preserve memories using the time and resources you have and can afford.  Keeping up with it is the key to not getting behind and forgetting the little things that make your child unique.