Adelaide Harper You Are 1 Month Old!

Oh my goodness! How can you be a month old already? I just had you yesterday! Everyone told me time would fly by, and I’m starting to realize how true that is!

* You are officially on formula as of 2 weeks and 3 days old after losing too much weight.  You got down to 5lbs 14oz.  You had grown to 19.5 inches though!

* At your next appointment at 3 weeks 2 days old, you were up to 6lbs 11oz!

* Your umbilical cord fell off at exactly 3 weeks old! I was so excited to give you your first real bath instead of a sponge bath!

* You have recently started to grunt when you are mad or uncomfortable.  It’s so funny to hear such a deep noise coming out of such a cute little baby!

* You are consistently eating 3oz every 3 hours which is right on track for your age.  Although, the past 2 nights you have had one 4 hour stretch, which allowed me to sleep a little longer.  I’m hoping this will become the new normal!

* When you’re hungry, you make this cute little begging noise that sounds like, “Aaah Aaah Aaah”.

* I’m fairly certain you are going to have curly hair like me! After I give you a bath I put a hat on you to keep you warm.  When I take the hat off a while later your hair is always sticking up in little curls all over your head! Your Daddy said you look like a little chick!

* You are so spoiled! I can’t stand to see you sad and sometimes sit up with you several hours in the middle of the night because you don’t feel like sleeping! Ha! But I love soaking in all that cuddle-time with you while you’re this small!

* You love to focus on toys and faces.  I love holding you close to my face and talking to you.  You just stare and listen to every word I say! I know you are going to start smiling (besides in your sleep) and cooing very soon!

* You still love having your hands by your face and manage to get them free from your swaddle blanket when you sleep.

We love you so much and are still in awe that you are ours!


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