Adelaide’s Room

When I started deciding what to do for Adelaide’s nursery, I didn’t mean to pick a bird theme, it just kind of happened.  I searched online forever trying to find a bedding that I liked and ended up liking the Bananafish Love Bird bedding. But, whoo, is that expensive!  My mom and I went shopping one day when I went home to visit, and I ended up finding the fabric to make bedding that I loved even more.  It was a fraction of the cost, and neat that I can tell Adelaide that her Nana made her crib bedding! So, the colors and everything stemmed off my bedding choice.  I also love polka dots, so I tried to incorporate those where I could.

Her bookshelf where I store a lot of stuff in containers I got from Walmart:

Her changing table:

Guest bed (bedding was from Walmart but is discontinued) and bedside table where I store her toys, bottles, and towels:


Crib with bedding:


Shelves I found at a thrift store and painted with one of my childhood tea sets on them:


Diaper organizer, diaper pail, and hamper:


Bird house I got in the craft section at Walmart. I painted it and the glued ribbon to the back to make a bow holder:


Wall decor:


Piggy bank I painted at a pottery place and under it is a box I keep her jewelry in:


It;s a very pink room, but I love how it turned out!


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