I’m starting to find that’s it’s hard to have any sort of routine with a 6 week old going through a growth spurt.  I’m the type of person that I don’t like to start a project unless I can finish it.  If I begin a load of dishes and don’t get to finish them before being interrupted, I will think about them until I can go back to do the rest.  And it’s happening a lot with my spoiled girl who loves to be held! Now, don’t get me wrong, she really is a good baby.  I am so lucky and I would hold her all day if I could!

Today was an exciting day for mail.  I received all the matching pajamas I ordered for Christmas this year for all my neices and nephews.  All the boys will match and all the girls will match…which is no small feat when there are nine kids from age 5 months (what Adelaide will be at Christmas) to age 8.  I also got all my pictures that I ordered from Adelaide’s first 5 weeks of life.  There were over 200! I put most of them in an album and some in her baby book.

I have recently discovered the “hug hold” for my moby wrap since Adelaide doesn’t fit in the newborn hold anymore.  We both love it! She almost immediately gets comfortable and falls asleep and I’m able to have my hands free to go about my chores.  Yesterday I folded about half the laundry I had while she was in it.  Then she was in such a deep sleep, I was able to take her out of it and lay her down where she slept for about another hour.

Adelaide’s been having what I think is a little bit of acid reflux.  Sometimes she projectile pukes up her entire bottle. And she always has wet burps and lots of hiccups.  She also gets really fussy while eating sometimes, when she’s obviously still hungry, but cries when the bottle is in her mouth.  Other times she takes her whole bottle just fine.  I’m going to ask her doctor about it at her next appointment.

Time with her is flying by!

Adelaide Harper You Are 1 Month Old!

Oh my goodness! How can you be a month old already? I just had you yesterday! Everyone told me time would fly by, and I’m starting to realize how true that is!

* You are officially on formula as of 2 weeks and 3 days old after losing too much weight.  You got down to 5lbs 14oz.  You had grown to 19.5 inches though!

* At your next appointment at 3 weeks 2 days old, you were up to 6lbs 11oz!

* Your umbilical cord fell off at exactly 3 weeks old! I was so excited to give you your first real bath instead of a sponge bath!

* You have recently started to grunt when you are mad or uncomfortable.  It’s so funny to hear such a deep noise coming out of such a cute little baby!

* You are consistently eating 3oz every 3 hours which is right on track for your age.  Although, the past 2 nights you have had one 4 hour stretch, which allowed me to sleep a little longer.  I’m hoping this will become the new normal!

* When you’re hungry, you make this cute little begging noise that sounds like, “Aaah Aaah Aaah”.

* I’m fairly certain you are going to have curly hair like me! After I give you a bath I put a hat on you to keep you warm.  When I take the hat off a while later your hair is always sticking up in little curls all over your head! Your Daddy said you look like a little chick!

* You are so spoiled! I can’t stand to see you sad and sometimes sit up with you several hours in the middle of the night because you don’t feel like sleeping! Ha! But I love soaking in all that cuddle-time with you while you’re this small!

* You love to focus on toys and faces.  I love holding you close to my face and talking to you.  You just stare and listen to every word I say! I know you are going to start smiling (besides in your sleep) and cooing very soon!

* You still love having your hands by your face and manage to get them free from your swaddle blanket when you sleep.

We love you so much and are still in awe that you are ours!

Adelaide’s Room

When I started deciding what to do for Adelaide’s nursery, I didn’t mean to pick a bird theme, it just kind of happened.  I searched online forever trying to find a bedding that I liked and ended up liking the Bananafish Love Bird bedding. But, whoo, is that expensive!  My mom and I went shopping one day when I went home to visit, and I ended up finding the fabric to make bedding that I loved even more.  It was a fraction of the cost, and neat that I can tell Adelaide that her Nana made her crib bedding! So, the colors and everything stemmed off my bedding choice.  I also love polka dots, so I tried to incorporate those where I could.

Her bookshelf where I store a lot of stuff in containers I got from Walmart:

Her changing table:

Guest bed (bedding was from Walmart but is discontinued) and bedside table where I store her toys, bottles, and towels:


Crib with bedding:


Shelves I found at a thrift store and painted with one of my childhood tea sets on them:


Diaper organizer, diaper pail, and hamper:


Bird house I got in the craft section at Walmart. I painted it and the glued ribbon to the back to make a bow holder:


Wall decor:


Piggy bank I painted at a pottery place and under it is a box I keep her jewelry in:


It;s a very pink room, but I love how it turned out!