4 Years and Counting!

Yesterday was Lance and I’s 4 year anniversary!  There was a dinner at his work for honoring a recent retiree and I got dressed and ready to go to that with him. Then we took a picture together!

On the way there, when we came to a stoplight that we were supposed to turn right at, Lance got in the left turning lane that would head downtown.  He totally surprised me with a nice dinner date for our anniversary.  I wasn’t expecting it at all!  He took me to Maggiano’s which is where we went the night we got engaged.  It was so fun!

The atomsphere is so dark and romantic there and they had live piano music and, of course, good food!  We were definitely less nervous going there this time than we were the night we got engaged! Ha! Four years of living together will do that to ya!

We had a nice, relaxing time together with a lot of good conversation about our future.  It was the perfect surprise!

I feel so lucky to be able to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!


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