30 weeks

Only 10 weeks left! I can’t believe it! This pregnancy has gone so much faster than what I thought it would.  I’m sure as I get closer and closer to my due date things will slow down.

For the past week I’ve gotten more sleep and felt pretty good.  It’s amazing what 5 or 6 hours of sleep can do for you (as opposed to the 2 hours I was getting some nights).

Next week Lance and I are taking a week off for our anniversary.  We’ve never taken that much time off together since we’ve been married, but thought it was really important since it will be our last anniversary before the baby comes.  I know that we will have time off together in the future, but it will certainly be more tricky to arrange with a child.  To say I am excited about our week together is an huge understatement.  Lance is my best friend and I love spending time with him!

One of the first things we’re going to do that week is paint the baby’s room.  Last weekend we cleaned out the baby’s room and made sure none of our stuff was still in there (the baby’s closet used to be my stockpile closet from all my coupon deals).  The baby’s room looks pretty plain right now.

When we moved in this room needed a fresh coat of paint, but knowing it would become our child’s room (when and if we had one), we knew we would have to repaint it.  So, we just used some paint that was left here in the attic.  I’ve never liked the color, but it served the purpose we needed at the time.

After we get the room painted I will be able to finally start putting everything into place.  We found a cute comforter for the twin bed on clearance at Walmart.  It will match the crib bedding well.  And I finally ordered some prints off of Etsy that I am super excited about.  I’ve been holding off for so long on buying anything for the baby so it felt like Christmas to finally order some things for her room.

That picture is from an Etsy shop called cjprints.

Those two prints are from an Etsy shop called emrick123.

I’m so excited to paint the baby’s room and get everything finished.  I will definitely be posting some pictures of the room when it’s done.


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