28 weeks

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant! I feel so blessed and thankful to be in the third trimester.  As each week ticks by I’m getting more and more ready to meet our baby girl. 

I feel like we have so much to do before she comes.  We haven’t painted her room or anything.  We are planning to do that at the beginning of the week that we are taking off for our anniversary at the end of this month.  At the end of that week, my home church in Illinois is giving me a baby shower, so maybe after that it will feel like we are physically prepared for the baby.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been really losing a lot of sleep at night.  I have a lot of hip and back pain which makes no position a comfortable one.  Combine that with frequent bathroom breaks during the night, I’ve been averaging about 2-5 hours of sleep a night.  Not enough. At all. 

Also, for the past week or so, I’ve started to feel nauseous during the daytime like I did my first trimester.  Additionally, I’m low on energy again (also similar to the first trimester).  I wish I wouldn’t have taken for granted all the energy and good feelings I had during my second trimester!  Ha!

Even though it feels good to complain a little bit about how cruddy I’ve been feeling, I’m so thankful to be pregnant and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I know some women have much, much harder pregnancies than I’ve had and I’m thankful for not feeling worse than I have.  I know I definitely couldn’t do it without Lance.  He’s been so great helping me around the house, understanding when I don’t feel like cooking, and going to bed earlier than normal because I’m so tired.  I am so thankful to have him for a husband.


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