25 Weeks!

Whew! It has been a busy couple of weeks! I kept trying to get time to write a 24 week blog post and just never got around to it.  Oh well!

Last Friday Lance put together our crib and dresser/changing table.

It was a little surreal for the both of us, thinking about how we were going to have a baby to put in it in just 3.5 more months!

The day after he put the crib together we attended a baby expo at the hospital I’ll be delivering at.   Apparently they have one every year for expecting and new moms.   It was so much fun!  They had tons of booths giving away free samples and drawings for prizes.  We were able to get so many things to try like different formulas, diaper rash creams, breast milk storage containers, cooler bags, nipples, and a lot of coupons too.  Lance entered a contest for the fastest diapering dad and he won! I wish I would’ve gotten a picture; it was so funny seeing all those guys up there splashing baby powder on dolls and putting on diapers upside down.  Not Lance though, he did a great job! We got a $25 gift card to Krispy Kreme as his prize for winning!

Last Tuesday we went to my ultrasound and doctor’s appointment.  I was a little nervous because at the last ultrasound they said the baby’s head was measuring a little small.  I was relieved at this appointment to find out everything is okay and the baby looks perfectly healthy! The ultrasound tech did several minutes of 3d imaging too and we got a few good pictures from that; although they are hard to see here because I took a picture of the prints with my camera.  The above picture is of her profile and her foot sticking up.

We also got a DVD of our session and everything is much clearer on it.

Then we left on Friday to go to IL for my birthday.  My birthday isn’t for another week or so, but my brother’s birthday was Monday so we had a joint birthday/family dinner on Friday night.  It’s always good to see all my nieces and nephews; I don’t get to see them enough! Then on Saturday my mom and I went shopping.  We went to a consignment store where I found a few cute baby outfits and the Boppy (and Boppy cover) that I wanted! We also went to a fabric store and I found the sweetest cloth for my mom to make my crib bedding.

That is a picture of the quilt.  There are several other coordinating fabrics that she’s going to make the dust ruffle and sheet out of.  I love it more than anything I found online and it was so much cheaper too!

Since we’ve been home I’ve been catching up on laundry, couponing and everything else that gets neglected when you go out of town.  This Friday I’m going on a date with my husband for my birthday and I’m super excited about that! We’re going out to eat and going to see the movie Water for Elephants.  I read the book a couple years ago and am curious to see the movie version.  Also, we haven’t gone out to eat together in like a month because we’ve been trying to save money for hospital bills, so it’s going to be a great birthday present just not having to cook! Haha!


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