It’s a Girl!!

On Tuesday I finally had my 20 week ultrasound (even though I was 20 weeks and 6 days).  To say we were excited to go to this appointment would be a total understatement!  I was so nervous for some reason, I guess because I knew that finding out the gender would make this pregnancy much more real (as if feeling her kick everyday isn’t good enough, ha!)

Thankfully Lance’s sister, Laura, was able to come over and stay with the girls I keep so that Lance could go to the appointment with me.  She’s been so great helping us with that since mine and Lance’s schedules are so opposite.

When we got to the ultrasound office, I first told them I didn’t want the kidney and gallbladder ultrasound that I also had scheduled.  I haven’t had any side-pain in almost 2 weeks and thought it was pointless to have to pay like $200 (our insurance isn’t the greatest) for an unnecessary test.  The receptionist ladies didn’t seem very happy about that and said they needed to ask my doctor.  He said it was fine and agreed it seemed unnecessary at this point.

Then I had to wait like 45 minutes for my ultrasound (even though we got there on time).  Let me tell you, that was a loooonnnggg wait! Haha! I thought we’d never get to go back there!

We ended up having a really nice ultrasound tech who really took her time to explain everything she was seeing.  The techs have this checklist they have to get pictures of.  So, she warned us that she spends a long time on the heart and head and not to be alarmed.  The first 5 or so minutes were spent looking at various angles of the heart.  Then she tried to look at the gender but the baby was crossing her legs.

The ultrasound tech moved on with her checklist and measured all the bones and organs before moving onto the head.  She spent about 10 minutes on the head and then tried to look between the legs again.  It took some effort but we finally got a clear picture and there’s no mistaking it: our baby is a girl!

We were both so excited because a girl is what we both really wanted! I knew all along it was a girl but it’s just nice to get that confirmation.  Lance and I couldn’t stop smiling after we found out!

On the way to the appointment Lance and I were trying to come up with boy names and couldn’t think of one that we liked good enough.  However, we’ve had our girl name picked out for weeks!  Looks like we won’t need a boy name for a couple years!

The tech printed out several pictures for us to take home and we also got a DVD of the entire thing! It’s so excited to have a glimpse of our daughter and I’m actually glad I didn’t go pay to have it done earlier.  It was even more exciting to wait this long!


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  1. make sure you guys get that 3d sonogram done at about 28-30 weeks (before 34 weeks I think) ~ call to find out the best time to do it…. it is $99.oo but worth every penny! It is amazing!!! so happy for you both!

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