20 Weeks!

Halfway there!!

Wednesday marked 20 weeks passed/left to go in my pregnancy.  I couldn’t be more excited to reach that point!  Almost everything in my baby’s body has developed, now it all just gets bigger week by week.

New symptoms this week include a lot of achy-ness.  My hips, back, and shoulders get sore several times a day, and always at night.  After I run several errands, my lower back hurts so bad that it’s hard to walk.  I’ve tried not to take any medicine during this pregnancy, so my only help has been a heating pad.  But, I’m only allowed to use that for 20 minutes at a time, so I think I’m just going to have to get used to being sore for the next few months.

I’ve also noticed this week how pregnant I look! I’ve felt the past few weeks that I just looked like I was gaining weight and that you couldn’t really tell I was actually pregnant.  Yesterday when I got dressed in the morning, I looked in my full-length mirror and I was startled by how pregnant I look!  But thankfully my wardrobe is still holding up.  I have been wearing maternity jeans for several weeks now, but I can still wear most of my regular shirts.

The baby’s kicks are getting stronger every day.  This week I was able to feel it have hiccups for the first time! So sweet! This week also was the first time that I have felt a kick that almost hurt; it was so strong.  Lance and I were on the couch watching a movie and when the baby kicked that hard it kind of took my breath away for a couple seconds.  Ha! I love feeling it move around inside me! I look forward to it every day and am almost sad when it’s sleeping and being still.

Tuesday I have my 20 week doctor’s appointment (even though I’ll be 21 weeks on Wednesday), and my gender ultrasound! We are beyond excited to finally find out the gender of our baby!  It will be so nice to finally be able to refer to “it” with a name (between Lance and I, of course, as everyone else is going to have to wait until it’s born to find out the name!).  I have thought all along that it’s a girl, but it will be so nice to know for sure (one way or the other) and be able to register for baby bedding and everything else.  I can’t wait to pick out paint colors and get started on the baby’s room!  I also just want to see my baby again (it’s been over two months), and just know that it’s okay and growing properly.

I also have to have my kidneys and gall bladder examined by ultrasound to make sure everything’s okay there.  A week and a half ago I was having some really severe pains in my side.  I tried to ignore them, but after 3 days, I decided to call my doctor and see if it was anything to worry about.  He wanted me to come in.  So, we went and they tested my urine and set up an ultrasound for when I was already having my gender scan.  However, he thinks it’s just the baby laying on my ureter and causing back up into my kidney.  He told me to sleep exclusively on my left side (since the pain was on my right).  It has helped and I haven’t felt the pain in almost a week, so I think it’s probably nothing to worry about.


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