22 Weeks!

Today I am 22 weeks and 1 day pregnant! Every week that goes by I am one week closer to meeting my sweet daughter.  I think about her all the time and sometimes dream about her too.  Last night I had two separate dreams where I was in the hospital preparing to have her.

Definitely an exciting week for us because on Tuesday I saw the baby kick from the outside for the first time.  I had been seeing it out of the corner of my eye for a few days now, but could never catch it.  Then Tuesday night I saw 3 good kicks.  Last night after Lance got off work the baby was kicking so I made him stare at my belly and he got to see 3 kicks! I’ve been feeling the baby move around inside me for about 6 weeks now, but it’s awesome that Lance finally got to witness it!

Also this week, we ordered our crib and dresser/changing table for the baby’s room (thanks, mom!).  We haven’t received it yet but I’m super ready to start getting some major progress done on the baby’s room and a crib is definitely a good place to start! I can’t believe in 18 short weeks we’ll have a newborn to put in it!

I ordered my diaper bag this week as well.  I researched a TON of diaper bags trying to find the perfect one for me.  I am not picky on a lot of baby items, but a perfect diaper bag was important to me because I hate the normal waterproof diaper bag material.  It gives me that feeling like someone scraping their nails on a chalkboard when I touch that type of material.  And since this will be something I will use all the time (and as a purse too, because I’m not going to carry both),  I wanted it to be comfortable for me.  I decided on the Vera Bradley Baby Bag.  It came today and I love it! I chose the pattern Carnaby because it was on sale.  It has this nice fabric on the outside, with a waterproof material on the inside.  And it came with a matching changing pad.    It’s so cute and well-made; I think it will last for years and multiple children.

My shirts are starting to get too short on me thanks to my pregnant belly pulling them up.  I wore one of my maternity shirts today for the first time.  I also had to buy a new dress this week because last Sunday I only had two dresses left that fit me for church.  I need at least 3 to rotate. Ha!

DIY Play Kitchen

As I have mentioned on here before, I work from home keeping kids.  I do have a college degree and I have had successful jobs like being a retail manager and a chiropractic assistant (although that was my least favorite for various reasons).  I am good at working outside the home and I work my way up fast.

But ever since I was a teenager all I have wanted was to be a wife and stay-at-home mom.  When Lance and I were dating, I made it clear that it was what I wanted and when we eventually had kids I didn’t want to work outside the home.

That being said, I’m not stupid.  I don’t think money grows on trees and I know that if we have more bills than one income will support, then I have to somehow have a second income.  It is with this mindset that I decided, almost 3 years ago, to start keeping kids in my home.

And those kids need stimulation! Lots of it! Old toys and tricks get boring and then they get into mischief, so I’m always looking for something new to pull out of my hat.

A few months ago Lance and I saw this diy kitchen and were inspired by it.  It looked so fun and creative and we knew we wanted to try to make one of our own.  A couple we know had an extra entertainment center they weren’t using and asked us if we wanted it (thanks Shane and Megan!).  We just had to get a few pieces of wood and other supplies to modify to fit our needs and Voila!, an awesomely fun new toy!

The stove was just painted on, the oven door was cut out by my father-in-law and Lance attached a piece of plastic we took out of a dollar store picture frame, and the utensil hanger is a paint stick and some hooks.  Real stove knobs were too expensive so we bought gliders that are supposed to go on the bottom of furniture and they look just fine! Lance’s dad also helped Lance cut wood for the fridge doors (we wouldn’t have been able to complete this without him and his supply of tools!)

The faucet is a piece from a cheap-o pipe set we got a Lowe’s and the sink is a bowl I got from the mixing bowl section at Walmart.  The handles are just the cheapest set Lowe’s had and Lance put them on in a way that they actually turn.  It was also Lance’s idea to put little colored beads inside the handles to mark hot and cold.

I added some play dishes, food, and utensils to it and it turned out pretty cute!

I also made matching aprons for the girls out of some cloth I already had.

The girls love it! We spent a total of about $50 and it will last us a long time.

I can’t wait until our daughter is old enough to play with it!

It’s a Girl!!

On Tuesday I finally had my 20 week ultrasound (even though I was 20 weeks and 6 days).  To say we were excited to go to this appointment would be a total understatement!  I was so nervous for some reason, I guess because I knew that finding out the gender would make this pregnancy much more real (as if feeling her kick everyday isn’t good enough, ha!)

Thankfully Lance’s sister, Laura, was able to come over and stay with the girls I keep so that Lance could go to the appointment with me.  She’s been so great helping us with that since mine and Lance’s schedules are so opposite.

When we got to the ultrasound office, I first told them I didn’t want the kidney and gallbladder ultrasound that I also had scheduled.  I haven’t had any side-pain in almost 2 weeks and thought it was pointless to have to pay like $200 (our insurance isn’t the greatest) for an unnecessary test.  The receptionist ladies didn’t seem very happy about that and said they needed to ask my doctor.  He said it was fine and agreed it seemed unnecessary at this point.

Then I had to wait like 45 minutes for my ultrasound (even though we got there on time).  Let me tell you, that was a loooonnnggg wait! Haha! I thought we’d never get to go back there!

We ended up having a really nice ultrasound tech who really took her time to explain everything she was seeing.  The techs have this checklist they have to get pictures of.  So, she warned us that she spends a long time on the heart and head and not to be alarmed.  The first 5 or so minutes were spent looking at various angles of the heart.  Then she tried to look at the gender but the baby was crossing her legs.

The ultrasound tech moved on with her checklist and measured all the bones and organs before moving onto the head.  She spent about 10 minutes on the head and then tried to look between the legs again.  It took some effort but we finally got a clear picture and there’s no mistaking it: our baby is a girl!

We were both so excited because a girl is what we both really wanted! I knew all along it was a girl but it’s just nice to get that confirmation.  Lance and I couldn’t stop smiling after we found out!

On the way to the appointment Lance and I were trying to come up with boy names and couldn’t think of one that we liked good enough.  However, we’ve had our girl name picked out for weeks!  Looks like we won’t need a boy name for a couple years!

The tech printed out several pictures for us to take home and we also got a DVD of the entire thing! It’s so excited to have a glimpse of our daughter and I’m actually glad I didn’t go pay to have it done earlier.  It was even more exciting to wait this long!

21 weeks!

I’m so happy to be on the finishing half of this pregnancy! Only 19 weeks to go! It seems like only yesterday that I was so excited to reach 10 weeks (double digits).  Soon, I’ll have only 10 weeks to go!

I’ve still been pretty achy this week.  More so since I’ve went back to keeping the baby I keep (his family was on vacation for 3 weeks).  He’s kind of fussy and requires more holding and carrying than the bigger girls.  It’s hard on this pregnant girl’s back!

It’s also been hard to sleep at night.  I toss and turn a lot and wake up at least a dozen times a night.  I’ve also been waking Lance up a lot with my movements, so we’ve both been really groggy in the mornings.

But on the upside, we had a doctor’s appointment and ultrasound yesterday and we found out the gender! That’s a whole other post on that experience!

Lance’s Birthday

Lance’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day.  This year’s birthday fell on Spring Break (he works at a college) so he had a few days off.  It was nice spending a few days together and working on a little project together (pictures of finished project coming soon!)

This year Lance wanted me to make him a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner of corn beef and cabbage.  So I did! It was sooooooo good! I though it would be daunting to make since I’ve never made it before, but it was actually very easy.

The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the rye bread.  It was too tangy for me.

My plate:


After we ate we had birthday cake!  I made him a Grasshopper cake (mint-vanilla cake, fudge filling, whipped cream icing) and it was really good!

We had this meal at lunchtime, and so the girls I keep were eating with us.  When I brought out the cake, Kelly (age 3) was mid-sentence, telling Lance something and when she noticed the cake she stopped talking and just said “Ooooooohhh”, and then clapped her hands.  Haha!  Then the girls helped me sing “Happy Birthday” to Lance.

It was a really good relaxing day for the both of us.

The next night we went out on a birthday date.  Normally for Lance’s birthday, we invite abunch of friends and all go to a restaurant (which is what I was planning this year).  When I told Lance about it, he said he’d really just like a date with me! Which I didn’t object, because we will not get many more of those after the baby comes!  We had a good time.

And in case you want to know what to do with all that leftover corn beef, cabbage and potatoes:

Make potato salad and corn beef sandwiches!

20 Weeks!

Halfway there!!

Wednesday marked 20 weeks passed/left to go in my pregnancy.  I couldn’t be more excited to reach that point!  Almost everything in my baby’s body has developed, now it all just gets bigger week by week.

New symptoms this week include a lot of achy-ness.  My hips, back, and shoulders get sore several times a day, and always at night.  After I run several errands, my lower back hurts so bad that it’s hard to walk.  I’ve tried not to take any medicine during this pregnancy, so my only help has been a heating pad.  But, I’m only allowed to use that for 20 minutes at a time, so I think I’m just going to have to get used to being sore for the next few months.

I’ve also noticed this week how pregnant I look! I’ve felt the past few weeks that I just looked like I was gaining weight and that you couldn’t really tell I was actually pregnant.  Yesterday when I got dressed in the morning, I looked in my full-length mirror and I was startled by how pregnant I look!  But thankfully my wardrobe is still holding up.  I have been wearing maternity jeans for several weeks now, but I can still wear most of my regular shirts.

The baby’s kicks are getting stronger every day.  This week I was able to feel it have hiccups for the first time! So sweet! This week also was the first time that I have felt a kick that almost hurt; it was so strong.  Lance and I were on the couch watching a movie and when the baby kicked that hard it kind of took my breath away for a couple seconds.  Ha! I love feeling it move around inside me! I look forward to it every day and am almost sad when it’s sleeping and being still.

Tuesday I have my 20 week doctor’s appointment (even though I’ll be 21 weeks on Wednesday), and my gender ultrasound! We are beyond excited to finally find out the gender of our baby!  It will be so nice to finally be able to refer to “it” with a name (between Lance and I, of course, as everyone else is going to have to wait until it’s born to find out the name!).  I have thought all along that it’s a girl, but it will be so nice to know for sure (one way or the other) and be able to register for baby bedding and everything else.  I can’t wait to pick out paint colors and get started on the baby’s room!  I also just want to see my baby again (it’s been over two months), and just know that it’s okay and growing properly.

I also have to have my kidneys and gall bladder examined by ultrasound to make sure everything’s okay there.  A week and a half ago I was having some really severe pains in my side.  I tried to ignore them, but after 3 days, I decided to call my doctor and see if it was anything to worry about.  He wanted me to come in.  So, we went and they tested my urine and set up an ultrasound for when I was already having my gender scan.  However, he thinks it’s just the baby laying on my ureter and causing back up into my kidney.  He told me to sleep exclusively on my left side (since the pain was on my right).  It has helped and I haven’t felt the pain in almost a week, so I think it’s probably nothing to worry about.

19 weeks!

Tomorrow I will be 19 weeks pregnant.  I didn’t make an 18 week post because it has been a crazy past week and a half.

It started with last weekend.  My brother and his family decided to come see me as kind of a last minute thing.  I was so excited because they’ve never come to Nashville to see me!  Lance and I did a lot of cleaning and stuff to prepare for them coming.

Friday night a couple hours before they arrived I started feeling really yucky.  Lance and I chalked it up to me being nervous of how the weekend was gonna go and just tried to relax and spend some time together before they got here.

By the time they showed up I was feeling like it was just a matter of when (not if) I was going to throw up.  And I have always not been able to stop throwing up once I start, so I was just praying and hoping it would hold off.  About 30 minutes after they got here I started throwing up, and didn’t stop until the next morning.

I felt pretty yucky the next day and stayed in bed a lot.  I tried to go to dinner with everyone but had to turn around once we got to the restaurant.  They left after only staying one night.  I know they understood and felt bad I was sick, but I just felt so disappointed that I had to be sick while they were here.

Sunday night Lance threw up once or twice and then Monday and Tuesday we both felt completely exhausted and worn out from being so sick.  Wednesday I started working again and Lance thought he was gonna go to work but then started throwing up again and threw up all day long.  It was almost like he caught it twice; it was weird.

So I spent Wednesday working to keep the girls I keep in the playroom so they wouldn’t get sick, taking care of Lance, and bleaching almost every surface in the house to try and kick this sickness out.  Not feeling 100% myself, and being pregnant, that completely tired me out and then I didn’t feel good the rest of the week.  But thankfully didn’t throw up anymore.

This past weekend Lance and I spent a lot of time resting, drinking a lot of water, and focusing on getting better.  I think yesterday (Monday) we finally felt completely better and Lance went back to work too.

Today I had a doctor’s appointment.  I had my first glucose test (I’ll have two) and had to drink the nasty orange stuff.  Yuck!! Then the doctor checked my baby’s heartbeat and then I had my blood drawn.  I got to schedule my gender ultrasound for two weeks from today so we’re pretty excited about that!  I can’t wait to finally know if it’s a boy or girl so I can plan the baby’s room!  Next week this pregnancy will be half way over! It’s going so fast!