17 weeks!

Today my baby is the size of a sweet potato. Only 23 more weeks to go, and almost halfway there!

Not much has changed except my appetite is coming back and I’ve felt the baby move a lot recently.  The first few times I felt it I had to lay really still and concentrate or the little flutter was easy to miss, but since yesterday I’ve been able to feel it during the day when I’m moving around too.  It’s a really neat feeling!  I’ve also been having a lot of back pain lately, but it’s all the bad symptoms of pregnancy are such a small price to pay!

Another thing I found interesting was that the other night I dreamed about trying to save 5 baby kittens from getting eaten.  I told Lance about it the next day because he’s been having weird dreams about cats invading our house.  Anyway, today I was reading a little article about what to expect this week in pregnancy and it said to expect vivid dreams about baby animals.  Apparently my mothering instincts are kicking in, even in my dreams.  Ha!


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