Weekend With My Mom

My mom came to Nashville this past weekend to see me and we had a lot of fun! She got here around lunchtime on Friday.  I had to work until around 6pm and then we went to Cheesecake Factory for National Cheesecake Day.  They were offering all their cheesecake at half price!

I got the Reese Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake.  It was soooo good!!

We had heard a rumor floating around on all the coupon blogs that Target was having some major clearance going on in their toy department.  So after supper we went to check it out.  We were so glad we did!

They had so much stuff marked up to 75% off! I bought all of this here (worth $224.34) for only $61.04! Some of it I’m saving for Christmas (I have 7 nieces and nephews!) and some I’m keeping for my childcare business.  It’s great to just pull out a new toy every once in a while. It makes the girls’ day less mundane, I think.

After Target it was getting late, so we decided to go home.  On our way we stopped at McDonalds for a $1 large drink.  We were pleasantly surprised that there was a coupon on our cups for a free smoothie!

We made plans the next morning to go to the other Target (I have two that are close to me!) to see if we could score any more toy deals.  They opened at 8 am and we were there shortly after.  They had a few things that the other Target didn’t have.

Retail cost for these toys would’ve been $47.36; I spent $14.16!

After that we went back to the other Target (haha!) for our regular coupon deals, Old Navy for their “secret” $2 cami sale, and to Ross and Marshalls where we didn’t find a thing!

We stopped back by my apartment to pick up Lance and go to lunch.  I had 3 coupons for free sandwiches at Jersey Mikes, so all we had to pay for was our chips and drinks!

That afternoon we went to Sweet CeCe’s for dessert.  It’s this awesome place where you get an empty cup, fill it with whatever frozen yogurt flavor you want, and then put the toppings of your choice on top.  They have the best frozen yogurt and every topping you could think of! Sooooo yummy!

After that we were wore out from all the heat and errand running, so we went back to my place for a nap.  It was Saturday, after all! We woke up in time for supper.  I had a $25 Restaurant.com to Tee’s Fireside Cafe, so our supper was a great deal too!

After supper we went to Toys R Us and Michaels and then came home.

Sunday was church and then Cracker Barrel for lunch! Then we went to McKays to exchange some books. By that time it was around 3p and my mom had a 4 hour drive ahead of her so she had to leave.

It was a great weekend, though! I loved that we got to go out to eat and do so much shopping at a fraction of the cost!