Good Deals at Target

I haven’t done couponing for a few months because I didn’t have a working car.  It was way too much trouble to try to get deals while sharing a vehicle with my husband, especially since up until a couple weeks ago he didn’t get off until 9:00pm.  Well, we recently bought a new car and now I’m trying to get back into couponing.  It’s hard resume the habit though.

I’m starting slow, and until I save up a few weeks worth of coupon inserts, have to rely mostly on printable coupons.

This week Target has a few good deals with printables so I’m going tonight to try to snag a few things for cheap!

So if you, too, want some free lightbulbs, 75 cent cereal, and 69 cent Scrubbing Bubbles, then go check out this post here.

Menu-Plan Monday

I usually only plan one meal a day.  For breakfast we just grab a granola bar or cereal.  At lunch time Lance eats in the cafeteria at work and I usually eat leftovers from the night before or a sandwich.  I’m thankful for his summer schedule that allows us to be at home together in the evenings.  When school starts back, he will work evenings again, and I will go back to cooking a good lunch as opposed to cooking supper.

Monday – leftovers

Tuesdayhamburger packets, rosemary rolls

Wednesdaypoppyseed chicken over rice,  corn,  salad

Thursdaybeef enchiladas, spanish rice

Friday – shrimp scampi pasta

Saturday – grilled chicken, orzo pilaf, cucumber dill salad

Sunday – out to eat

What are your plans for meals this week?

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My Balcony Garden

Early in the Spring, I decided that I wanted to have a container garden on my balcony.  Because I work from home, I thought I would really enjoy it, and have plenty of time to work on it.

I ordered some seeds and a seed starter kit from Gurneys.  I tried to start probably 10 different vegetables with my kit.  My husband hung a grow light for me to help them to sprout faster.

And it worked!

I would say probably 95% of my seeds sprouted, but only about half did well and got big enough to put outside.  I have since then bought 2 tomato plants and a bell pepper plant.

I’m really loving my little balcony garden and everything is coming along quite nicely.  I can’t wait to have some fresh, home-grown produce this summer!

Here are some pictures of my balcony this week:

I already have one little tomato that I can see! My cucumbers and peppers are flowering so I know fruit is coming soon on those as well! We’ll see how it goes.