Feature Friday

A couple weeks ago, when I was sick, I really wanted to color.  Sometimes, there is something so therapeutic about filling in shapes with color.  When Lance and I went to Walmart to get more tissues and Sprite, I also bought a coloring book. 

As cute as the puppies with hearts in their mouths were, the coloring book was clearly made for toddlers.  I told Lance that night that I wished someone would make adult coloring books.  And then I thought, maybe someone already has!

So, I looked on Amazon and ended up finding this company called Dover Publications.  They have a lot of neat (and challenging) coloring books.  I ended up ordering 3 of them.




I love them! They’re exactly what I pictured when I wanted an “adult coloring book”.  They very intricate and challenging to color and the pictures take forever to finish. 

Another neat feature is that under each picture there is a little snippet of history about that particular house or dress, etc.

Here are a couple pictures I colored:

And here’s one Lance did:

You can find these books on Amazon.com for about $4!!


One response

  1. Those are really cool! I especially like the paisleys. I should get one cause sometimes at work I just doodle because I get tired of reading and puzzle books. I have even learned how to do sudoku which is really hard to do at 5 in the morning. But coloring I could do when I’m brain dead! Can’t wait to see you guys next week!!!! Hey the resort has an indoor pool. We’ll have to go swimming! Love you!!!

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