Enjoying being sick…

My husband and I spent the last half of this past week being sick.  We had/have/are getting over some sort of chest/nose/head crud.  Although it is obviously inconvenient being sick and having to miss work, I can only say that I am thankful for the past few days.  I have thoroughly enjoyed them!

You see, normally when Lance and I relax together, I am not really relaxing.  In my mind, I’m running through all the things I could be doing with my time (dishes, laundry, getting spider webs out of ceiling corners) and can’t really relax like Lance can.  I think it’s just a natural male/female thing.  He gets to enjoy rented movies, while I’m mostly there, but also multitasking and making mental lists.

But when I’m sick, I don’t care.  I don’t care about anything to do with my house, or errands, or bills, etc.  All I care about is what I want to make me feel better at that moment.  And since Lance caught whatever crud that I caught from the girls I keep, we pretty much wanted to do the same things all weekend.

Along with our high fevers, bad coughs, and runny noses, we spent all our time drinking juice, eating oranges, watching Lost, and playing Wii.  We had a gazillion Mario Cart races against each other, finished season five of Lost, and went through 3 boxes of tissues and 2 boxes of Sudafed. 

Sometimes we get caught up with responsibilities and our recharge time is spend individually.  It was nice to be sick together and desire the same activities.  It was even fun to go to Walmart together in the middle of the night to get more medicine and snacks because we couldn’t sleep.  We both commented to each other that we enjoyed the time we were able to spend with together this weekend.

Although I don’t enjoy being sick, I do enjoy recovering with my favorite person in the whole world 🙂


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