Busy Week

I’ve gotten too used to Lance being home until around lunchtime.  This week his schedule changed and he is working daytime hours because all the students are on Christmas break.  I’ve enjoyed him being home in the evenings with me so much (as opposed to him getting home at 11:30p), but I miss the help with the girls.  It’s so easy to have him watch them for a few minutes while I make lunch, or load the dishwasher, or switch a load of laundry to the dryer. Of course, sometimes I walk back in the room and one of the kids looks like this:

Speaking of the kiddos…  Maybe once every couple of weeks or so, especially if I’m feeling sick or something and just need a small break, we will have a movie and popcorn time.  They love it and think it’s a special treat! I love it too because I don’t feel bad playing an educational Baby Einstein movie.  Anyway, last week I made some homemade cinnamon sugar popcorn and they loved it!  You just put a few tablespoons of popping corn, a dash of oil, and cinnamon and sugar to taste all in a paper lunch sack and microwave it until the pops are 2 seconds apart.  It’s so simple and costs pennies per serving!  As an added bonus, it’s much healthier!

In other news, I’ve really been wanting a hair cut lately.  Everytime I go to a salon I never like it and have to fix it myself.  Waste of money, I say.  I’m getting a lot better and cutting Lance and I’s hair.  It’s hard for me to cut the bottom of my hair in the back straight though.  My arms just don’t bend that way! So, on Tuesday night, I employed my husband to cut the back for me.  He’s done it once before and did just fine! After he trimmed up the back, I was able to do everything else! This is probably the best haircut I’ve ever given myself.  I’m really happy with it!

Tucker and Jaci wanted their pictures taken with the tree too:

Lance has a Christmas potluck at work today so I made cupcakes for that.  They are green, red, and white.  I think they turned out a little funky looking with the white on top but the icing and sprinkles help the look.  They will taste good anyway!

I have a couple more Christmas presents to wrap before we leave on Sunday.  We’re gonna be gone a whole week.  Our car is going to be full of presents! I also have to do laundry and pack for a whole week, which is a challenge cause I never know what I’ll need.  Layers would be the smart way to go I guess.

I can’t believe Christmas is next week!


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