“I like yor Chi-chi-tree”

This is what Kelly (the 2.5 year old I keep) said today about my Christmas decorations.  Gotta love the kiddo. 

She also tries to be a little mother to the other two girls.  She tells Jaci to be quiet when she gets to wound up, pats Violet’s back when she lays on the floor, and even tells me to be quiet when Jaci’s taking a nap: “Shhh Jaci’s seepin”, she says, in a whisper that sounds like a yell.  Haha. Too cute.

I’m glad it’s Friday and that this work-week is over.  I spent all week getting over my bad cold and now all that’s left of it is a slightly hoarse voice.  I can handle that.

I may or may not be babysitting overnight tonight, but if I don’t, we’re gonna go grocery shopping and to Walgreens for some deals.  The cashiers in Walgreens have been very sarcastic to me lately despite my nicest efforts, so I waited until tonight so Lance could go with me.  There’s something about a man’s presence that usually makes them act a little nicer to me.

Tomorrow we’re going to go to Cool Springs to do a little window shopping.  I also a $10/$10 coupon for JcPenny and that’s the closest one.  We hardly ever go to Cool Springs because I don’t like the traffic over there.  But it will be nice to visit some stores we don’t normally get to go to.  Lance normally works every other Saturday and this month he’s off every Saturday! I’m way excited about our day together tomorrow!

I really need to get my Christmas cards mailed out next week.  Christmas is coming so fast! I’m so ready to get rid of all the presents under my tree.  I’m tired of my cats jumping on them and smashing the bows! Haha!


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