Feature Friday

I’m going to start posting a feature most Fridays.  I might feature an Etsy store, a product I like to use, a book, etc. 

Today’s feature is The Frog Bag.  It is an Etsy store dedicated to raise money for Tapir in the rainforest.  I had never even heard of Tapir before I started writing this post!

The Frog Bag has a variety of things from jewelry, to cat toys, to recycled bottles.

One of my favorite items in the shop is this pretty little anklet.  I love the little beads and the tiny chain!

I also love this tiny little beaded bottle.  This would be so great so keep pills in for your purse, or earrings in for traveling. All the beads are glass, which are my favorite kind of bead!

I think my favorite item in the whole store are these leaf earrings.  I love anything glass, and the glass leaves are just so pretty!

Go check out The Frog Bag and tell her I sent you! You can even request free gift-wrapping!


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