Around the Blogosphere…

Do you write a blog?  Do you have a favorite blog?  Have you read a post lately that would benefit others to read it? 

Please give us an opportunity to check it out too!

Post a comment with a link, and check back later to see some interesting blogs!!

A few of my favorite blogs:

Jessica Hollis Photography

Cake Wrecks

The Macs


If you just wanna leave a comment about what you ate for lunch or what you want for Christmas, that’s okay too 😉


3 responses

  1. I really enjoy Awkward Family Photos. You can basically tell what type of blog it is from the title. I actually know a family that was featured on it last week or so. It was awesome to see them on there.

    Also if you want to talk about blogs. You certainly can’t pass up I Can Has Cheezburger. It’s the greatest LoL Cat blog on the webs.

    Oh, for lunch I had some Lipton noodle soup. Thanks Katie, for making a great meal!

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