My life as of late…

We went to Illinois to visit my family on Thanksgiving.   We had a good time but it was too short; we were only there for one full day.   Friday morning my mom and I did some Black Friday shopping and had so much fun! For me, it’s more about the experience than the deals.  There were only a few things that I wanted, but it’s just so much fun to get up when it’s still dark, go shopping in the cold, and laugh at yourself and everyone else.  The main thing I wanted was a big tub of blocks for the girls I keep.  I ended up getting them and they have had so much fun with them! If I’m honest, so have Lance and I, haha!!  I also really enjoyed the deals that Walgreens and CVS had on Thanksgiving day! I ended up with like four shopping bags full of free stuff!

Friday we left Illinois and drove to Arkansas to see Lance’s family. We had a good time there as well, but again, it was too short.  We had an array of Thanksgiving leftovers and fried chicken for our second “Thanksgiving” on Saturday and it was soooo good.  I love meals where you can have just a little bit of everything!  Then we had fun putting up Christmas lights.  When Lance’s mom had to go to work at 7p, Laura and I put up some decorations inside so she won’t have to do as much by herself.  I had fun looking through all their fun Christmas decorations.  Laura rode back to Nashville with Lance and I.  It was really refreshing to have another person with us and we had a good time stopping at IHOP to eat on the way back.

When we got back we cleaned up the house and I made cupcakes.  Laura and Shawn came over that night so we could all watch the Ravens game.  I don’t really understand football, nor do I have a desire to, but I enjoyed the company and rooting for the Ravens.  They won, by the way!

Yesterday and today, I’ve spent doing 6 or so loads of laundry.  I’ve also gotten off a little earlier because one of the girls I keep has been sick.  I’m very sorry that she’s sick, but have enjoyed the slightly longer evenings after having been traveling for several days.

I’m really looking forward to being at each of our families houses for a few days at Christmas as opposed to one day.  It’s hard to squeeze in everything you want to do and everyone you want to see in such a short time.  I’ve really enjoyed traveling since I’ve been self-employed.  There’s no stress anymore of asking for days off and wondering if you’ll get them.  As long as I let them know far enough in advance, I can pretty much take off whenever I need to! That’s just one of the reasons I love my current job!

Well, I think that’s all the interesting (and some not very interesting) stuff that’s happened lately! More another day…

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  1. I really appreciate all the help with the decorating. I was told just this morning how pretty the house looked from the highway. Love you guys!

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