UP! and Monsters Inc. $6.98 for Both at Target!!

Wow! I just found a great deal at Target! Target has been the store for great deals lately!

I’m going to show you how to get UP! Blu Ray/DVD/Digital Copy (digital copy as in you can transfer it to your computer or portable movie player) and the Monsters Inc. Blue Ray/DVD/Digital Copy for very cheap at Target!!

UP!          –        $19.99 (the shelf will probably say $26.99, so get a price check)

Monsters Inc  –   $18.99

Subtotal  –              $38.98

Use $10 UP! coupon here.

Use $8 Monsters Inc. coupon here.

Use $10/2 Target coupon here.

Total     – $10.98

Send in for a Pasta and a Movie $4 Rebate found here.

Grand Total    – $6.98 + tax and cost of pasta

To help with the cost of the pasta, use this coupon.  This should make the pasta only $0.50 or so.

Great Christmas gifts!!!

Update: Target in Nashville West and Target on White Bridge are out of Monsters Inc. 4-disk Combo.  They may be getting more in a few days.  It’s still a good deal for UP! though if you use the $10 coupon and send in for the $4 rebate.  It comes to around $6.  And it comes with a cute little journal with stickers and postcards in it!


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