Clearance Sales=My Favorite!!

With six neices and nephews (and another on the way!), I can’t afford to buy all my Christmas gifts in November and December!  I prefer to start Christmas shopping in January! This January I found matching pajamas for all the kids at Children’s Place for like $4 each.  I just bought them a size up and put them in my tote labeled “Gifts”.  As I’ve found good deals, I’ve just added a toy and a book for each one!

I’ve also bought most of our gifts for Lance’s family throughout the year.  Clearance shopping is a great way to save money! Why buy something at full price in December, that you can get in January for 75% off? I just have to buy one more thing and then all of my Christmas shopping is done for this year!

I also buy all of our clothes this way.  All the fall stuff is starting to go on clearance right now and soon the winter stuff will follow.  I buy things for next year that need replacing in our wardrobe, so that the next time that season rolls around, we’ll be all set!

Here are some great clearance deals right now:

Satin Zebra Print Sheet Set – $14.98 – $19.98 at


I want these so bad! They would match the quilt I’m making perfectly! Merry Christmas to me, anyone??

Toddler Vest Candy Corn Costume – $3.24 at


Women’s Cowl-Neck Top – $4.99 at


Men’s Sueded Crew Neck Tee – $8.00 at


Cabbage Patch Kids Sleepover Party Playset – $5.98 at


LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table – $19.00 at


Pumpkin Bath Sponge – $3.50 at


With clearance deals and planning, you can make a little money go a long way!

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