House-Cleaning Schedule

A few months ago, I had a realization! I realized that my house doesn’t have to be clean all at once.  I realized that if it gets cleaned in little parts every day, that it will be mostly clean all the time.  I can settle for mostly!

I work more hours than Lance, but I am at home, while he works outside our home.  Therefore, it’s only fair that I take the Lion’s Share in the housework.  He works more on some days than others.  This is the cleaning schedule that has been most beneficial to us:


Katie – load/unload dishwasher, wipe down microwave, clean toilet, kitchen counters

Lance – vacuum, litter


Katie – laundry, load/unload dishwasher, wipe down oven hood

Lance – sweep, bathroom counters


Katie – load/unload dishwasher, organize fridge inside and on top

Lance – vacuum, litter, kitchen counters


Katie – laundry, load/unload dishwasher, windex windows/mirror/TV, wipe off tables

Lance – sweep, mop


Katie – load/unload dishwasher, wipe and clean off washer & dryer, kitchen counters

Lance – vacuum, litter, clean bathtub


Katie – laundry, change sheets, clean bathroom counters

Lance – help with laundry if he’s home, wash dishes left in sink, dust

When the chores are broken up into little bits like this they don’t seem so daunting and are so much easier to stay on top of! I have this list posted in my kitchen with Lance’s & my chores highlighted in two different colors.  This way I don’t have to remind Lance about what needs to get done, he already knows!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the list, especially when we travel and have extra laundry and unpacking to deal with.  But it’s a great guideline!


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