Just some stuff from my heart…

Between highschool and college I had the privilege to go on three missions trips. I went to Uruguay twice with E-TEAM and once to Kazakhstan with CMP. Those opportunities changed my life. It is amazing to be in a church, singing and worshipping God in two (or three, or four…) languages at the same time. It’s the best feeling in the world.

One of the things that was especially gripping was spending the day at an orphanage in KZ. If I could’ve packed all those kids in my suitcase and brought them home I would have. From that time on, adoption has been a weight on my heart. International, domestic, I don’t care. Yes, I want to see what a baby will look like with a little bit of Lance and a little bit of me, and hopefully one day I will; but I also would like to raise a child(ren) born from my heart.

All this to say, that I enjoy reading blogs about families who have adopted internationally. Several I enjoy are Smiles and Trials, OwlhavenSlava Bogu, Life as a Lewis, and Life with Briar.

Be sure and check out these blogs.

Christine from Smiles and Trials has asked me to do a bow tutorial and I think that’s a great idea! Next post: How to make a flower hairbow!


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