Toys ‘R’ Us Snow White Deal



This week I found a great deal listed on Southern Savers about an awesome Snow White deal at Toys ‘R’ Us.  The DVD is on sale for $19.99 and there’s a $10 coupon, and a $5 Hefty Rebate.  Also, if you spend $25 in princess items (I bought some shoes for $5.99 to add to the $19.99) you get a free cooking set. 

You can find her post including links to the coupon here.

NOT ONLY THAT, I got back a $5 gift card when I checked out!!

That makes the total (after rebate and gift card) around $5 for a DVD ($29.99 value!), cooking set ($12.99 value), and whatever princess filler item you pick! Great Christmas gift!

Some are saying the print limit has been reached on the $10 coupon.  Some are saying they can still print it.  I don’t know because I’ve already printed the two my computer will allow so it’s worth a try! Even without the coupon it’s a good deal!


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