Free Pink Saute Pan!!



I’m way excited about this deal I found out about this morning. 

Now, through October 14th if you purchase $30 of Tide, Dreft, Always, Bounty, Charmin, Duracell at Toys R’ Us you will receive a $10 gift card!  Not only that, you can send in a Mail in Rebate to Good Cooks Hope Line and get a PINK cooking set (a $40 value) for free! This cooking set includes a 10 inch covered saute pan, set of 4 plastic measuring cups, ribbon timer, and a high temerature chef spatula.  And it’s all PINK!!

You can find the details here.  Just a tip for printing out the rebate: I had to print mine at 50% so none of the wording would get cut off.

I plan on buying some toilet paper and laundry detergent and match them with coupons from all my P&G inserts to make this an even better deal! Then I plan on using the $10 gift card to get a Christmas present!


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