Haircut and Housework

I was going to go to Walgreens, CVS, Target, Old Navy (to return something), and Michael’s (for the 50% off dollar section!) last night but I just didn’t feel like getting out after being in the car so much this weekend.  Although the IL trip was good, I am definitely tired of the car…and I didn’t even do any driving!

So instead, I caught up on some stuff I needed to get done! I did 6 loads of laundry and put everything away, did some dishes,  cooked myself supper, I made a menu for the week and sent Lance a shopping list so he could get a couple things at Walmart after work, watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I took a loooong shower, cut my hair, swept the bathroom, and then straightened my hair. Whew! And that was all after working 12 hours!

Speaking of 12 hours…why did I think it was going to be okay to work 12 hours every. single. day??  I’m so tired and it’s just Tuesday morning!!  It’s not the hardest work in the world by any means, but I have much less time where my house is actually my house, and not my place of work.  That means I have much less time to do chores and recharge before it’s time to go to bed and do it all again!

A few weeks ago I made a list of all the weekly chores that have to get done and I split them up by day.  Then I highlighted them with two different colors (orange for Lance, pink for me).  Lance does most of the vacuuming, trash, and litter and I do the rest.  It’s only fair since I’m the one home most of the time.  That list has worked out so great! We get most of our chores done in the morning and then don’t have to worry about them the rest of the day! And we don’t have to clean the whole house on Sunday which is supposed to be the day of rest, right?  Unfortunetely my dishwasher is out of service right now, which makes dishes take a little longer.  The office was supposed to order me a new one like 2 weeks ago, but nothing has happened yet which is frustrating! I think I’ll call today and see what the holdup is.

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