Cashier Frustration

Recently I’ve been getting very frustrated with some regular cashiers that I see when I go to get my weekly deals.  First off let me say, that I was a cashier and cashier manager for 3.5 years while in college.  I know all the very annoying things customers do, that they don’t realize would bother cashiers.  As a cashier I’ve had customers try to bag their own merchandise (some of which hadn’t been scanned yet), explain to me how to correctly hand change back to a customer, give me coupons for Office Max and Circuit City (I worked at Office Depot), yell at me for everything under the sun, want me to give them a replacment gift card for one they “lost”, I could go on and on…

The point is, I think I know better than an average person, how to be a good customer.  I also know how a cashier should act.  I also understand that everyone has bad days.  But if you are a jerk to me every time I see you, but are nice to the customers in front of me…I’m gonna chalk it up to a personal thing.

Usually every Monday evening I go shopping at a certain drugstore…let’s call it Malgreens.  And every Monday evening there is this same cashier who checks me out.  Most avid couponers have two or three transactions so as to get the most for their money.  I will always do one transaction at a time, take the bag out to my car, and then come back in and shop some more.  I do this so that I don’t hold up her line.  It also helps things be less confusing.  I also smile at her, tell her “Thank you”, “Have a good night”, and other pleasantries.  I have never called a manager on her (although I sometimes should) and I try to be considerate.

But her attitude with me is getting ridiculous.  She is always short with me, always tells me she can’t take some of my coupons, never says pleasantries back, whispers (not so quietly) to customers/co-workers about me, etc.  This past time she even called the manager over to ask  complain about my coupons.  He was friendly and said he didn’t see what the problem was.   

I always make sure that I have everything planned out before I even go in Malgreens.  I make sure the items I’m getting are the correct brand, quantity, ounce, etc.  I do not want to incorrectly use a coupon because that would be stealing.  On the other hand, I don’t like to be treated like I’m stealing for being frugal with our money.  Stores get reimbursed for manufacturers coupons they honor. 

Some sites suggest printing out corporate coupon policies and taking them with you in the store.  I think this is a little extreme and kind of rude to assume you know more about the store’s policy than the cashier does.  But I think sometimes it can come to that point. 

I recently have read two posts called “When Your Cashier Says No” by ForTheMommas.  They have been really helpful and have provided couponers a place to voice suggestions on how to deal with tough cashiers.  You can find those posts here and here.

Feel free to comment below about bad (or good!) experiences you’ve had with cashiers in regards to using coupons.


3 responses

  1. Malgreens!! That made me laugh so much!!
    Which Malgreens is this? I should try to mavoid it…
    Im going to print off Wal Mart… er, Mal-Wart’s coupon policy cause there is one woman there who is just HATEFUL about coupons!!
    Sorry that your cashier was a jerk!! Want me to punch her?!

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