Zebra Stripes, Polka Dots, and Satin

Recently I took the plunge and bought this:


I’ve always wanted a sewing machine.  I never wanted to spend the money because I was afraid that I would use it for awhile and get tired of it. Then it would just become a waste of money.  But I’ve really been craving a creative outlet lately.  And this wasn’t a fast decision.  I’ve been collecting pretty fabric for about 3 years.  Every once in a while I would go look at the sales section and pick out a yard or two of fabric that I liked:


Doesn’t this just make you happy?!?  I’m getting all kind of ideas just looking at all this pretty fabric!!

So, a week after I bought the machine, Lance and I went to visit his family in Arkansas.  Lance’s grandma is like Seamstress Extraordinaire.  She sewed for a living for many years and now just loves to make things for family and friends.  (And boy am I glad we’re family, for all the pretty quilts we’ve gotten!)  I told her about my new sewing maching and my desire to make a new king-size quilt for our bed and she helped me get it started! We went and picked out all this fabric:


Then we cut out all the (and by all, I mean 64, whew!) 14 inch squares that I would need.  I’m going with a mosaic, hodge-podge type quilt.  I didn’t necessarily want a certain pattern.  I looked through all her quilting books and found one that just had different shapes appliqued all over it.  So, that’s what I’m doing!  I made the first block while I was in AR:


In the midst of that, Grandma let me look through her stash of fabric scraps and gave me all this:


Add that along with all my ribbon:


and sewing accesories:


and I’ve got enough to keep me entertained for a looooonngg  time!!