What I’m Doing These Days…

  • Working 60 hours a week doing what I love
  • Taking 2 sweet little girls swimming 3 times a week
  • Shopping clearance sales
  • Keeping my house clean
  • Getting oh-so-tan at our apartment’s swimming pool
  • Enjoying my husband’s summer hours (evenings off together!)
  • Going to IL this coming weekend
  • Going to AR two weekends from now
  • Making lots of yummy salads and other summer food
  • Trying to cross things off a big to-do list (like finally getting Tucker neutered)
  • Reading books
  • Going to the movie theatre every once in a while
  • Playing card games with my hubby
  • Eating popsicles


What I haven’t been doing lately is coupons.  I just don’t have time.  I want to make time, but it just hasn’t happened.  I have been making a grocery list and seeing if I have any coupons that apply, to at least save some money.  But as far as combining coupons and sales to get things for practically free…. nope, not happening.  It’s been Walmart every week so far this summer.  I did feel guilty about this for a while… I could save so much more by working 2 hours a day on coupons.  But, I only get one life to enjoy and I sure am enjoying this summer!  Hopefully I’ll have time for some major coupon deal hunting once the fall rolls around. 

Until then…have some fun in the sun!!!

Summer, Swimming, Sunburn, Sweet Girl

I love to swim.  I have always loved to swim.  I could stay in a pool for hours and hours if the temperature is right.  At our apartment we have a rather large pool that goes from 3 ft. to 9 ft.  Lance and I have gone swimming several times recently in the evenings.  And I have taken Jaci a few times during the day.  She loves it! She wasn’t too sure the first time.  I’ve already taught her to hold her breath when her head goes under, kick her legs, and float.  She’s a natural!!

Open the gate!






To tell you “Thanks for taking me to the pool”, I will now rub your face!


She’s such a cutie!!

Anniversary Trip

We had a great time on our anniversary trip! Our cabin was awesome! We had a hard time finding it because the map the lady at the office gave us was wrong.  We went up some crazy steep driveways trying to get there.  My heights phobia had my heart racing and me covering my eyes and just trusting Lance to get us there.  Once we found our actually driveway, it wasn’t too steep and I got used to it by the end of the week.

Our cabin:


I got to do a lot of cooking which was great!  Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to cook at home; or when I do, I don’t enjoy it.  But we could relax and do whatever we wanted on this trip so I tried a few new recipes!





We also played a lot of games and spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi outside!



We didn’t go out and do very much because the cabin was so nice, but we did go miniature golfing one day! It was so cheesy and fun! We helped Professor Hacker find his lost treasure!





We did end up going out to eat one night.  We went to this place called the Apple Barn Restaurant.  It was so much food.  They start you our with Apple Fritters and Apple Julep (a mixture of apple and other fruit juices) and then your meal comes with salad, soup, and dessert.  We barely touched it all.  What was so neat though was we got to sit at a table that had porch swings attaching to the ceiling instead of seats.  It was so relaxing to just swing the whole time!


All in all, it wasn’t Gatlinburg or our cabin that was exciting, it was just nice to be able to spend quality time with my husband without the pressures of everyday life.  I’m already thinking about what we’ll do next year!