I hold the record!

Dr. Mario

Lance is better than me at most all video games except for one: Dr. Mario.  I rarely take time to play video games at all.  I always have laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. to take care of.  Also, it’s genarally not fun to do something you’re not good at.  But Thursday night, Lance came home to me sitting on the couch playing Dr. Mario. He watched me until I eventually lost and said I was really good.  I thought he was just being nice, but I now hold the record for the highest score on our Wii!  We had a tournament last night to see if either of us could beat my score.  We couldn’t.  Granted, Lance is only 300 points behind me, and I have no doubt that he will eventually surpass that.  For right now, though, I win! Ha!

Not much appeals to me this week as far as deals go.  Hopefully I will discover more through the week.  I’m babysitting overnight on both Tuesday and Wednesday, so not sure if there will be a mid-week post this week.  Maybe I can convince Lance to do that guest-post I’ve been urging him to do 😉


Colgate Enamel Protect, toothpaste or toothbrush ($3.99), get $3.99 ECB (limit 2) – $1/1 SS 3/29 = Free + overage

Softsoap scrub body wash ($4.99), get $4.99 ECB (limit 1) – $1/1 SS 3/29 = Free + overage


Colgate Max White or Max Fresh Toothbrush ($3.29), get $3.29 RR – $0.75 SS 3/29 = Free + overage

Scunci Elastics 18 pack ($2), get $2 RR = Free

Skintimate or Edge Shave Gel  ($2.99), get $2.99 RR = Free

Blue Diamond Almonds, 6oz B1G1 at $3.59 each -$1/2 printable = $1.30 ea

Let us all know, or link to your blog, if you find any good deals this week!


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