Kitchen Sink

Internet at the our apartment is not going to happen for a while.  It’s inconvenient, but it’s what has to be.  So, I get access to it at least once a week, and hopefully twice.  Because of this, my blog posts have to encompass a lot! So here’s everything and the kitchen sink:

Tomorrow you can get a free Thomas Wooden Train at Toys ‘R’ Us with this coupon.

Go here for your free sample of Dove hair care.

Free 14-day supply of Vitamins from Nature Made

Go here for a free sample of Kellogg’s All-Bran Pink Lemonade Drink Fiber Drink Mix

Here’s a coupon for a $1.99 small smoothie from Smoothie King if you go before 10am.  I LOVE their smoothies, but they’re so expensive, so this is a great coupon!

Free Arby’s Roastburger with the purchase of a Pepsi here.

Store Deals

(All deals aren’t neccessarily what I’m buying, but just some things I thought looked good.)


Schick Quattro Razor ($8.99) – $4 S.S. 3/22 – $4 March ESC coupon = $0.99

Right Guard Professional Strength Deoderant ($5.99) – $5 March ESC Rebate = $0.99 after Rebate

Huggies Wipes ($2.50) If you still have one of the $5 Huggies coupons from this would be a great opportunity for a Moneymaker.  The store won’t give you cash back but if you have a “filler” item to cover it, they will apply the difference to your other items.

Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair (2/$7) – (2) $2 printables (just hit the back button once its printed once) – $2 March ESC Rebate (wyb 2) = $0.99 for two

Stride or Trident Gum ($0.79) – $0.75 S.S. 3/8 = $0.04

– A note about Walgreen’s Rebates:  Don’t be intimidated by the fact that an item has a rebate.  Walgreen’s has a great rebate program! All you have to do is enter in your receipt numbers online, submit it at the end of the month and they will mail it to you.  You also have the option of them mailing it to you on a Walgreens Gift Card and they will give you 10% more back.  Then after you have the Gift Card you just enter the number on the website and they will reload it!


Crest Pro Health Enamel Care ($3.49) get $3.49 in ECB – $0.75 P&G 3/1 = $0.75 Moneymaker after ECB

Publix (March 18/19 – 24/25):

B1G1 Free Yoplait Yogurt 4pk 4oz Cup ($2.50) use (2) $1.50 printables (Interent Explorer) or (FireFox) = $0.50 Moneymaker

B1G1 Free Kashi All Natural Entree – I have a coupon that a got in the mail for a free entree and because they are B1G1, I will get two free!


We have had a few problems in our new apartment’s kitchen.  The fridge went bad and they replaced the thermostat in it, one of the track lights (UGLY!) didn’t work and that’s been fixed, the dishwasher was not draining and is now fixed, and then today the guy came to fix my leaky kitchen sink.  I always like Lance to be there when this stuff happens, but he was at work, and I had no idea the guy was coming!  Jaci was taking a nap and so after I put a load of laundry in the washer and folded another, I had decided to doze for a moment.  I awoke suddenly to banging on the front door and a key turning.  After I dazily realized who it was, I let the maintenance guy in.  He talked to himself the whole time! And I mean, not like quiet muttering which I consider to be thinking out loud, he was having a full-on conversation! When Lance is here, he just talks about guy stuff to him, but I didn’t know how to respond.  I just sat on my couch and pretended to be engrossed in a book.  I was glad when he left.

If you find any good deals throughout the week, please post them in a comment so that we can all enjoy! Happy shopping!

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