Still here…

Still trying to get internet at the new place.  We went to Electronic Express because I have found that Clearwire (to the best of my knowledge) is the cheapest.  Yesterday I chatted with a Clearwire associate online to find out what I need to do.  She said that I needed to find a local Clearwire dealer to find out if my zip code is within the service area.  Hence, Electronic Express visit.  They were absolutely no help whatsoever!

AM = Assistant Manager who knows nothing.

K = Me

L = Lance

AM = Hello, how can I help you today?

L = Well, we were just looking into getting some Clearwire internet.

AM = (points to Clearwire Kiosk)

K = (confused look)

L = Okay

AM = Well, what type are you looking for?

K = We want wireless with a router.

AM = (opens up cabinet below Kiosk, pulls out a box that says “Talk Faster with Clearwire!, clearly an attachment for phone service.) Let me see if this is the right card. (Walks up to the desk)

L&K = Okay (follow him)

AM = Okay, what’s your  zip code?

K = 37209

AM = Well, it says here that your area may not be covered and you need to contact a dealer to find out, that would be us.

K = Mmhmm.

AM = Well, have you considered getting USB internet, maybe you should contact your cell-phone provider.

K = We want a router so that we can have more than one computer be able to access it.

AM = Yeah, well we don’t have any routers left.

K = Can you get one transferred?

AM = Hmm let’s see… (names 3 different Electronic Expresses that are in stock).  You could try to go to one of those places.  But, to be honest, I would recommend getting some other internet.  Clearwire is so slow. (Another associate walks up) To him:  Well, you know I’m just trying to be honest with the customer.

L =  (to me, from corner of mouth) Let’s go.

K = Okay well thanks.

AM = Good luck with that!

K = (once outside) Comcast it is!

L = Yeah.

It was fun to say the least.  I’m now at the library with Lance to check my e-mail and write a small post.  Unfortunately, I can’t print any coupons here because these computers block the coupon printing software.

Hopefully this problem will be solved soon, but until then, I’ve left my printer at the old apartment and will post next week’s deals this weekend for sure!


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