Walgreens 3/8

Tonight at Walgreens was an adventure! Daylight Savings time added a complication to the registers about switching to Sunday’s prices at midnight.  So, not only did I have to explain the sales price for each item, I had like a gazillion coupons too! A manager checked me out and she was SO nice and patient with me! I want to kick myself for not paying attention to her name so I could call corporate and brag on her! I always get so nervous about having people back up behind me (because I usually take so long) and about correcting prices, but she was very understanding and even helped me figure out a couple deals! Here’s everything I bought:

walgreens 3/8

I did some math wrong and thought I was getting the Air Fresheners for free but when the Walgreens associate explained it, I realized I was wrong.  But, they were still a great deal!

Here’s what I did:

Irish Spring Body Wash 15 or 18 oz ($4.99) on sale for $4.49.  When you purchase this you get a coupon that prints out for a free bottle of the same thing on your next visit.

Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste ($3.49) – $2.50 Walgreens coupon (ESR catalog) – $1.50 printable = Free    As a side note: I did this 4 times to get 4 free toothpastes.  Do I need 4 toothpastes, NO.  But I can find someone who does.  I plan on stockpiling for Operation Christmas Child.  Also, you can get this toothpaste free at CVS this week also.  I printed I think 12 of these coupons.  I might do more before the week’s over.  I cannot justify not getting something for free!

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers ($12.99) on sale for $10.  Buy $25 worth and you get $10 RR! I bought 3 packs (1 for Jaci and 2 for baby shower gifts).  I used 2 of the $5 and 1 of the $3 Huggies coupons available at Coupons.com and Redplum.com.  After coupons and RR I got all 3 packs of diapers for $7!

Glade Lasting Impressions Starter Kits ($9.99) on sale for $7.99 – $4 ESR coupon = $3.99 each.  I had a B1G1 Free printable which made them 2/$3.99.  I did this twice and left with 4.  Remember to hit the back button on your browser when printing the coupons if you want to do this deal more than once.

Glade Sense and Spray Starter Kits ($9.99) on sale for $7.99 – $4 ESR coupon = $3.99 each.  I had a B1G1 Free printable which made them 2/$3.99.  I did this twice and left with 4.

Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer 16 oz.  ($2.49) on sale B1G1 Free. Use $1.50/2 printable = $0.99 for both!


Total Value: $142.82

Total Spent: $29.40 OOP

Total Savings: $113.42 or 79%

RR Received: $14.49

Like I spent: $14.91

Totals do not include sales tax.  Savings reflects that of store sales, coupons, and RR used as payment.

For a great explanation of Walgreens RR visit Frugal Coupon Mom.

Check back tomorrow to see the CVS deals.  The Sunday prices are supposed to go into effect in the registers at 6pm the Saturday before.  Due to the time change, I wasn’t able to get anything tonight when I went.  We are going right after church, so I will post around noon. Lance and I have a HUGE moving day tomorrow.  Ugh.

Please pray for Jaci.  She’s had a problem with abscesses and had to have a minor surgery today to take care of one.  This is the second time that’s happened to her.  She’s such a little trooper when she doesn’t feel well!  When I kept her Friday she had a 102 temp and I just felt so sorry for her! Pray that she’ll have a quick recovery and not get any more of these spots on her!


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