Free Stuff

I have this thing about me in which I can’t start cleaning something or working on something, without knowing I’ll be able to finish it.  I hate leaving stuff in the middle of being done.  Which is why I don’t like moving.  Half our stuff is here, and half is at the new apartment.  I’ll be glad when its all done.  I also need to clean my kitchen and do a load of laundry, but I know I don’t have time to finish them before Jaci’s mom gets here to pick her up, so I’m waiting until she leaves.  But I do have time for a freebie blog post! Lucky you!

Sign up for the Mac Pack and get a free Macaroni Grill apetizer.  Lance and I just went there for the first time a couple weeks ago (we had a gift card left over from Christmas) and it was great! The tables are covered in thick paper and they give you crayons to color with during dinner.  I was so excited about the fact that it was for adults too and not just kids.  We saw some great drawings while we were there!

You can get Sure deoderant free after rebate.

Get a free sample of Parent’s Choice baby formula here.

Free chips and queso at Chili’s when you sign up for their e-mail newsletter.

Get a free Redbox movie today before midnight!  Code is MS72K3. For more info about Redbox go here.

Get a free Degree for Men deoderent sample here.

Sign up here to get a free Ted’s Montana Burger.

Get your free Cream of Wheat here.

Remember, if you are worried about signing up and getting spam e-mails, just create a free account and use it specifically to sign up for free stuff!


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