Coupon Organizer

When I started collecting coupons a few weeks ago, I kept them in a little index card size file.  It looks like this:

Index Card File

It was great for what I needed and conveniently fit inside my purse.  However, I soon found it hard to go through all the coupons, and have missed a couple great deals because I forgot I had coupons that applied.

After looking at some other coupon lover’s blogs, I decided I needed a coupon binder.  I’m glad I decided to go with this method!  I have many sections like Food, Cleaning Supplies, Pet Supplies, Beverages, etc.  Behind each section I have a sheet protector for that week’s ad and baseball card holders for coupons.  Now, all I have to do it flip through the pages to find what I’m looking for! It’s great!



Feel free to leave a comment and ask any further questions about how the coupons are organized!

Plans for tomorrow:
1. Go to CVS and post deals
2. Buy Sunday paper and plan out Walgreens and Kroger deals for the week.
3. Pack and take some boxes to the new apartment.

2 responses

  1. Holy cow, Katie! That’s some serious organization! If I had half that determination I might be more inclined to save coupons, but as it is, I can hardly keep up with my shopping list! 🙂 I wonder, are you keeping track of how much you’re saving each month or week? It would be really cool (if not time consuming) to plot it out and see your results.

    • Thanks, sometimes I feel like I’m not organized at all, so it’s nice to know someone thinks so!! As far as tracking it, I would love to! I’ve thought about it several times, I just don’t know how to! I wish I knew of a spreadsheet where I could track my savings, earnings, etc. It would be neat to see the long-term effects!

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